Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Have you ever been swarmed by mosquitos? NOT fun!!

When I came home from work I noticed that some of my corn & sunflowers had fallen over from all the heavy winds and rain so I went out (in my work clothes...heels and all) to tie them back up. I figured I didn't have time to spare to go and change because it looked like it would start raining again any minute. Meanwhile I see the biggest slugs and the most slugs I have ever seen in one place in my life. Guess what I am buying tomorrow at the garden center...slug bait, for sure!! I picked what I could see and thew them in the distant bushes. Some of them hit some city pipes in the brush and actually made a "dong" sound...I swear ...ask Paul, he heard it from the

I felt kinda itchy but I was so focused on what I was doing and trying to do it so fast that I didn't notice until I started towards the gate, that I was in a big swarm of mosquitos. I shoulda taken a pic but now I am covered in pink lotion so you can't really see them, but lets just say they had a really good feed on me! They swell up when I get bit and they are everywhere, legs, chest, stomach, back, hips, legs, you name it, it's been bit. But not one on my Weird, eh? Call it lucky or call it unlucky, depends on if you are a glass-half-full or glass-half-empty kinda person.

Maybe tomorrow I will add a pic if they are still swolen. What a sight!

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Mom called me in tears cause she got was downstairs doing laundry one night when the power went off in her building. The elevator didn't work and it was late so there was no one around and there is no phone down there, so she got all worked up. She said she is going out to buy a cel phone. I told her that someone who finds microwaves and stove ovens too complicated to use at all (yes, she no longer uses her oven ...ever) may have a hard time with a cel phone. She insists she is going to buy one the next day. I explained how you have to usually pay $100 or more first and then sign up for a plan, which is usually at least a year. She was still going to get one anyways.

Instead, I gave her my old one to try out. So I get a call earlier today:

"Jenny, can I call you on the cel phone so I can get used to it?"
Sure Mom, no problem, but call my home number, not my cel.
"Which number is that?"
The number you just called me on three seconds ago Mom.
"OK, which number?"
633-5196 Mom.
"Wait a minute while I write that down"
Mom, you just called me on it. It is already written down by the phone. You call me every day, remember?
"Oh, this cel phone as me so confused" (she said, when we were both on land lines)
Ok I am going to hang up now. Call me back at home. Dial the number then hit the green send button, remember? (like we just went over last night and I wrote down on paper for her)

My cel phone starts ringing. Hello?
"What happened?"
You called me on my cel phone. That is fine but why didn't you call me on the home line?
"You told me to hit send then dial the number".
Mom, I told you to dial the number then hit send.
"Well it must be cause you have this thing programmed funny"
No Mom, if you hit send without dialing a number, then it redials the last number called. Why don't you hang up and try again? Call my home line.

My home phone starts ringing...Mom's home number comes up on the display.
Mom, how come you are not calling me on the cel phone (as I am laughing my face off)?
"Oh, I'm not?"
No, you are not.
"Oh this is way to complicated for me. It is got me all worked up. I better go lay down now".
OK (laughing my face off some more), you go lay down. You've had way to much excitement for one day.
"Love you (she's laughing to), kiss kiss, goodbye.....oh what do I press now?" (to herself on the LAND LINE) then beeeeepppp, beeeppp, beeeppp as she pushes buttons......."I'll never learn how to use this thing" ....FROM THE LAND LINE................LAUGHING MY ASS OFF NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Welcome to my Love ya Mom!!

Anyways, here are some new car pics, as requested by Berta. Cheers!

Some stuff from the garden:

Friday, August 03, 2007

I see that some of the peeps who converted to facebook have since converted back. ??

We finally have a new (to us) car. We bought a Honda CRV so now we have a reliable vehicle for road trips. Now if only the weather would cooperate.

Work has been good. Well, you know, work is work. Nothing new there.

We took a break from the home renos partly due to the time it took looking for a car. Also, partly cause WE WERE SICK OF But tomorrow we are going to get back on top of things. After all, there are only so many months of the year to do stuff outside.

Garden is coming along nicely. Sunflowers are up to about my shoulders. Maybe we will take some pics tomorrow. Most of the spinach and lettuce has been harvested already. Beans are coming along nice. Watermelon are too small. Tomatoes are behind. Oh well. What can you do? I can't make the sun come out to play.