Sunday, November 25, 2007

What can you get for 30 cents these days? Not much you say to yourself?

Yesterday I went to the Superstore for groceries just when they were marking down bins of odds and ends, all to 30 cents each. So, I did some digging and some more digging, and here is some of the stuff I ended up with. All at 30 cents each!

* Mead zipper binder
* Intuition eae de parfum spray by Estee Lauder
* Olay Total Effects
* Juice Organics Apple Exfoliating Peel (2)
* Juice Organics Revitalizing Eye Treatment
* Loreal Body Gel
* Jewel eau de parfum spray by Alfred Sung
* Bed Head Mega Vitamin Conditioner
* photo albums (2)
* Fantastik Flushable Fresh Brush Kits (2)
* boxes of pens & markers
* notebooks/page protectors/binder dividers
* bandaids
* tape
* Chloe perfume
* halloween decorations (like a rubber severed hand that crawls across the table)
* Rubbermaid food storage containers
* kitchen utencils
* flower vases
* books (novels and a book on how to find a good babysitter)

The list goes on. Plus, it was "no tax" night, so even better. Gotta love it.

Monday, November 12, 2007

The glitter of Facebook is finally wearing off. Phew! Now back to the blogging. I see that I am not the only one who hasn't been keeping up (ahem...Henry), so I don't feel so bad since I am not the only sinner.

So what is new out there in blog land anyways? Not much new with me. Here are some recent pics from a night out. I don't think the birthday girl had much fun though, since she was turning 30 and all.