Thursday, November 17, 2005

What a mess. The other day I saw that they were calling for snow and lots of rain so I thought I would be able to get the new glass in the window panes of our sunroom installed with time to spare. If the weather forecast had been right then they would have had all night for the caulking to dry and the next day before it started snowing that evening. But, as usual, they were wrong and it started snowing just as I finished. It has been raining for two days since and when I left for work this morning the windows looked like it was raining milk. What a mess! I hope the glass doesn't fall out. All the caulking has washed down the windows and now the rain is getting inside the sunroom. What fun. I think I am going to have to wait until next summer now to finish that sunroom. It is really a shame because it is our entry way and the first thing people see when they walk by our house or come in. I wanted to get the glass in before Paul laid the flooring and painted the walls etc. so they wouldn't get wrecked by the water leaking in through the windows but I guess it wasn't meant to be. I had to make three trips to the glass cutter before we got the glass just right for each pane because the wood is old and some of it is rotting so the panes are not uniform. I spent the entire day working on it and all for nothing. Now I have a huge mess to clean up before I can start over from scratch. Tell me why I wanted a sunroom again? Well, I will clean my mess up but I think Paul will have to be the one to do the caulking next time. It almost killed me because the cauking gun trigger pressed right on the spot where I have the glass still in my hand. It hurt like hell but I thought the pain was worth it because I would get to have my sunroom finished in time for all the Christmas visitors. Next time I won't bother. It is just that it is really embarrassing to have such a junky entry way. At least maybe I will tack some sheets up to the windows so the neighbors can't see in. It is sort of our 'catch all' room now where all the stuff we don't have room for somewhere else gets thrown. Oh well. At least I can't complain about being bored since I have so much to do. I am just praying that maybe, just maybe, we will get a few nice warm dry days before the winter weather sets in for good and we can get it all cleaned up. I can at least dream, can't I?

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Ok, so everyone is asking me about the blue wedding dress. I know, I know it is not traditional. I HAD a beautiful white dress with a long white veil, but a couple days before the wedding I was trying it on and noticed a huge water stain from the bottom of the dress up the front. I guess I hadn't noticed it in the store because of the poor lighting and because I was more focused on how I looked than the fabric along the bottom of the front of this dress. Anyway, I tried to wash the area with the stain but it didn't come out. I went back to the store and they refunded my money but didn't have anything else in my size in my price range and I didn't have time to order something new. So the hunt for a wedding dress began. I think I almost had a nervous breakdown. It was two days before the wedding and I had to get SOMETHING, so that is what I ended up with. Then I had to go out and buy something to put into my hair to dress it up because I coudn't wear my white veil with a blue dress. I also couldn't wear my white shoes but I didn't want to waste money on another pair of new shoes because I couldn't return the white ones as I had been wearing them trying to break them in before the wedding. So I ended up wearing a black pair of sandles that were really not dressy enough for that dress, but who cares at that point when you have a blue wedding dress! Dad was still on the rampage and Mom would call me every day crying because he was saying he wasn't coming to the wedding and she would have to go alone (he was sick with brain cancer then but we didn't know it yet, which explains all the wierd behavior). I just wanted to get the whole thing over with at that point. Originally we had planned to get married on the beach in St. Lucia the following year, but when we went to Cancun and almost drowned we thought it was silly to be together for this many years (since 1990) and not be married yet (if we had drowned we wanted to be remembered as "husband & wife") so as soon as we came home we started planning the wedding with about two months notice. It was literally thrown together. Don't get me wrong, it was nice and I am very happy I am married, but if I had to do it all over again, I really wish we could have done it our own way and got married in St. Lucia. Oh well. I guess marriage is really just a piece of paper anyway. Good thing I didn't wait because I ended up getting laid off from Air Canada so we wouln't have been able to afford St. Lucia anyway. It is funny how life turns out in the end. So that is why I had a blue wedding dress. Sometimes we can't have everything exactly the way we want it in life, but the goal was to get married, and married I am.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Here is another one....

Some wedding pics for anyone who hasn't already seen them.
Paul & Jen with Jarrod & Brandon having fun at Shelley's.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Here is Mom and Daisy earlier this year when she lived with us.

Since we don't have kids, we tend to take lots of pictures of our "baby" Daisy. These pics are of Daisy and her new friend Teeto.

No kids yet, but Daisy is our baby.