Saturday, July 21, 2018

Our Daisy Girl

Well, I see the last time I posted it was about Daisy’s surgery. It went well and they said they got it all and she recovered.

She’s 14 now and a few months ago we found out she has liver cancer. It is beyond treatment. We were told we had 2 weeks to 2 months left with our baby girl but it’s been longer than that now. She’s lost over 25 lbs and is skin and bones. But she seems happy. She still plays, if only for a couple of minutes. She still eats and is right in our face when we eat, ready to catch anything that falls. We took her to a cottage we rented and she loved swimming with the ducks. We cherish every extra day we have with her. I will be broken when she is gone.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Daisy girl goes for surgery next week to remove cancer. I hope they can get it all. She had fun today in the snow, but got tired quickly and came in and slept for the rest of the day.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Catching Up

Its been awhile since I have posted anything. A lot has happened and yet, not much really. When you don't have kids time sort of stands still - each day like the next, and then one day you wonder where all the time has gone?

I turned the big 4-0 this year (while Daisy turned 10). So the dream of having a family is officially over for us. No more hormones and meds, etc. We needed some new hobbies and goals so Paul finally got his dream car - a 73 Mustang Mach 1. It needs a ton of work, but it runs and we take it cruising when the weather permits. So now we are also looking for a new house -- one with a garage.

Paul's Nan passed away. She was the head of the family and will be very much missed. I have one of her older watches, which the younger ladies in the family didn't seem too interested in. I love it and wear it every day to work. And I finally caved and for my birthday admitted I am huge and will probably be pretty big most of my life, so I went and got my wedding rings< sized. Now I can finally wear them again. Now I have rings and a watch I wear ever day --- geeze this is a lot for someone who doesn't wear much jewelery. LOL.

We also had the first family reunion at our house this year. It was the first without Nan. It was not the same without her, but it went well I think. Now that the kitchen and bathroom are renovated (well 98% done)I wasn't embarrassed to have people in my house for a change. It was nice. Soon after we had a storm and a tree fell on our shed while Daisy and Paul were in it. Thankfully it wasn't one of the big trees, which we are now working on getting taken down before they fall.

Paul's uncle had a very bad motorcycle accident with a SUV and thankfully will eventually recover, but no one knows how he is even alive. I think Nan was watching that day.

I really wanted to something a tad adventurous for me this year and go to Tree Go, where you climb around in the tree tops on ropes. Also was going to start horseback riding. But the universe had other plans for me. I had to have my gallbladder out suddenly and had some complications and ended up back in the hospital, so I was laid up for a month and then still had to take it easy for another. Now I am in the worst shape of my entire life. Oh well. So I took up knitting instead. I wish I had paid more attention when Nan tried to teach me 30 years or so ago. Made some dishcloths and now am working on a scarf.

The Paris trip is put on hold until spring. But if we buy a new house, that won't happen. Someday I will see you again Paris!

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Etsy and Homesteading

I am so totally addicted to Etsy. What am I buying? Everything...that's the problem..haha! For those of you who have never heard of it, Etsy is a global website that sells all hand made items, vintage items or supplies to make hand made items.

Today I bought a vintage coffee percolator exactly like my grandparents used to have. I've been reading a lot of homesteading books lately, and when I read Made From Scratch by Jenna Woginrich (check out her awesome blog at and she talked about her love of coffee in the percolator, I knew I just had to find one. And yes, just like everything else in life, coffee is indeed better with chocolate.

I just also finished reading Farm City by Novella Carpenter ( I really liked the parts about the gardening and community, but no so much about the animals for food parts. Cool fact - you can even see the exact corner of her garden and house on Google Maps. Yea, I'm a geek.

So back to shopping. I have been searching high and low for good mint soap. I bought many bars with no luck. Mint soaps should smell like mint, right? I guess not everyone agrees. Until I found this shop that sells the best mint soap in the world (in my humble opinion). I'm on my second batch now and the Rosemary Mint is soooo good ( I also like the Spearmint Eucalyptus, which isn't as strong, but great for the laundry room sink. Bonus, its also pretty. :-)

Some other things I have ordered were cleaners to clean out my reusable straws for my travel cups, a set of beautiful wooden coffee spoons, a handmade canvass purse, many necklaces, seeds (I have my "travelers tomatoes" started in the sunroom now), bath melts and so on. I have looking at a spice rack that matches the dutch pattern on my Nan's recipe box perfectly, but it is $70. I can't bring myself to pay that for an one foot spice rack, no matter how much I like it. Oh well. I can still look at it and drool. They also have a matching tray. Danger danger! LOL.

And thanks to all the reading I have been doing about homesteading lately, I have developed a fetish for roosters. Another thing to drool over. And since my love of any and all things French, I actually found a set of rooster mugs from France. Just my luck. They are actually more in my budget, so I may have them ordered by the end of the week. Oh boy. Good thing I will be in Houston next week and will be too busy to shop ...well at least online. ;-)

Monday, February 18, 2013

Infinity Scarves - Daisy's Designs

If you are into infinity scarves, you may want to check this store out. You can click on the links on the top of the sidebar to the right, which are active URLs.

Daisy's Designs

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Loved the Madonna concert. That is one to check off my bucket list for sure! I felt seriously under-dressed. Pretty bad when the men have more makeup and nicer dresses than you do. Hey, at least I rocked my 80's earrings. I do what I can. Caught two hours sleep and then few back to SJ. It was a rough one but totally worth it. I am just glad I didn't fall asleep at the gate and miss my flight.

Paris Books

So I am now totally addicted to reading anything I can get my hands on about Paris (and sometimes France). I've started quite a collection of books and have read about half of them so far. If you are looking to save on books, is the place to be. I almost bought one book I really really wanted at Indigo for $29 then came home and ordered it online, along with 4 more books, and the total with shipping was $41 and change. Sweet!

Friday, February 11, 2011


For anyone considering buy an e-Reader, Kobo, Kindle, etc. I say go for it! I love mine and could not live without it. It is especially handy when travelling - no more lugging books across the world, bringing too many or running out of things to read.

I will admit, I was skeptical at first. I am "one of those people" who loves books. I love the smell of them, the feel of them, the excitement when I buy a new one. OK, I know you get it if you are also a book lover, and if not, you probably think I am weird. But that is OK - cause I actually am regardless.

Yes, I still get excited like a kid in a candy store at Indigo, but now I buy other books, like cookbooks, travel books, books on art, etc. But I use my eReader for all my daily fiction reading and LOVE it.

I have almost 400 books on it now and more in my library, and yet my hallway is clear of books. Go figure. That was the deal. Paul said he would buy me my reader as long as I got rid of all the piles of books stacked along the hallway floor. I am only "allowed" books now if they fit in my actual bookcase. (OK, don't tell him but there are a few stacked under my desk).

I would suggest not getting one that is backlit, typically the kind that have a touch screen, if you have vision problems and/or get migraines, as it can be hard to read and trigger headaches. I love my Sony eReader! And, yes, it is PINK like almost everything else I own.

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Yes, more pics of Daisy ~sigh~ this is what happens when you don't have kids.

Daisy Tail

For everyone wondering, Daisy's tail is doing great! It is almost healed and it only took about a year..LOL. Well, at least we didn't have to have it cut off.

Thursday, February 04, 2010

OK so I know, I am way overdue. Facebook is starting to fade out and I think it is time to start Blogging again.

It was a quiet Christmas. We had a funeral on Christmas Eve day, as Paul's grandfather passed away. Today his wife passed. They were in the hospital together on the same floor for a period. Sad but comforting at the same time.

Mom is doing good. Nothing much new there. She had a tooth out last week and is now on antibiotics for the infection, but she is feeling much better now that it is out.

I am getting ready for some more traveling. I had a promotion last month, and since the new position is a global one, I think there will be some international travels in my future. I know I am going to Houston again soon, but that is the only for sure thing just yet. There is talk of Belgium, Germany and France. We will see.

I hear that there is going to be a Bath and Body works coming to Halifax, so no more lugging it back from Houston. Yea! Halifax here I come (as soon as the snow is gone).

I have been keeping tabs on everyone having so much fun. Travels to Africa, babies, wedding plans, husband co-worker troubles, kitchen renos, etc. What a busy family! I know I have been quiet and not commenting much on FB pics,posts and so on, but I still keep up for the most part. I always love to see new pics.

Daisy lost some fur on her ear. I took her to the vet and apparently she has some sort of autoimmune disease. Long story short, she's supposed to wear ear muffs/something over her ears if she is outside for more than 5 min. when it is 4 degrees or colder. Yea, right. We may have her trained by spring, when we won't need it And I am SURE the neighbors must think I am crazy, look at the dog with the scarf wrapped around her head....oh joy.

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Monday, April 20, 2009

Daisy is fine. Two trips to the vet in one week, antibiotics twice a day for two weeks, and some gross things I won't mention and now she is all fixed up. Poor little girl. Well, I guess I shouldn't say "little" girl, cause they weighed her and she was 74 or so pounds. Now I don't feel so bad that I can't lift her.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Well, it has been a crazy day for sure. Daisy has an ear infection so we went to the vet. Then we went to the park to play in the snow/mud. Came home and gave her a bath. Paul found a tick on her, which he promptly yanked off (all the internet sites say to do the opposite). Then at 9:45 pm I ran to WalMart to buy tick shampoo. He vaccuumed the floors with the nozzle (our belt is broke), I washed all her bedding, he gave her a second bath, and then I washed all the towels in hot water. Two baths later, and I am still freaking out. I've got the heebee-geebies.

The spot where we pulled the tick off has a big red sore, so I am freaking out wondering if the head is in do I tell....will it get infected...what if she gets Lyme disease??????????? Good thing I am not getting knocked up, because how can I handle kids if I can barely handle a dog?

OK, so I am taking hormones to try to get pregnant, which I know isn't helping my emotional state right now, but still. I wonder if she got it from the park, or if it came from the vet. We were sitting next to a really sick kitty. It was crying and the owner said she didn't know what was wrong with it.

Could it have laid eggs under her skin? In the house? In the bed? Ewwwweeeeeee!!!!!! And, was it from today, or was it there for a few days already?

Like I already said, freaking out here!!!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Same Old, Same Old

Nothing new going on here. Same old, same old. Although, we do have some grass peeking through the snow here and there, which is nice. I brought up a bunch of my seed trays and pots from the basement today and started to clear the sunroom out. Paul put the snowblower down in the basement for the season.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

OK, I know I have pretty much deserted Blogger for Facebook, but I am going to try to get back to posting again, because I know not everyone in the family is on Facebook.

For those scrapbookers / cardmakers (Les), I added a couple of new link you might find interesting.

Not much new going on in my life. Should be doing home renos, but seriously slacking. Instead, been doing some camping and enjoying the drive in while I still can. Got a small promo at work.

Paul was in a golf tournament last weekend for his work and they won. My!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Gas lanterns everywhere


Front door to hotel





The Battery

The Battery


The City Market





Boone Hall Plantation

Boone Hall Plantation

Boone Hall Plantation

Boone Hall Plantation

Boone Hall Plantation

Boone Hall Plantation

Boone Hall Plantation

Boone Hall Plantation

Boone Hall Plantation---the rest below are all at Boone Hall

Not much new going on here. I have been home sick with the stomach flu for 2 days now. But I made it back from Charleston in one piece so I am pretty happy about that, only wish I could say the same for my luggage, which was lost and later arrived with one of the bags without a wheel.

I did, however, find lots of great deals when shopping down there at Burlington Coat new favorite store! ~grin~

Charleston was amazingly beautiful and very clean. The gardens where out of this kidding! Berta, you would have loved it. ;-)

One interesting thing happened on the way back to SJ. I was sitting next this woman on the plane and her youngest son, just a baby. Across the aisle from me was her husband and other son. I recognized him as one of my classmates from high school. He hadn't changed a bit. His wife was just adorable and we talked a lot on the flight back. She said they now lived out in Canmore AB and he was a climbing instructor. Now, I have friends that "climb" so this made me think of these little mountains we have out east here.

When I got back home I got to thinking I'd try to find him on Facebook and send him the link to some of the high school groups that have old pics, which we spoke about briefly on the flight. I couldn't find him on FB, so I googled him to see if I could find him on another similar site, like Blogger. Well, a ton of hits came up. Turns out he is not just a "climber", he is a sort of celebrity among rock & alpine climbers, as well as all types of mixed climbing. He has climbed such locations as Kyrghyzstan, Alaska, Northwest Territories, Peru, Pakistan and Patagonia and is the author of the mixed climbing guide book, Mixed Climbs in the Canadian Rockies and has been featured in too many magazines to mention.

I guess my point (besides being very impressed that the quiet guy with the long ponytail and guitar on his back from school turned out to follow his dreams and become so successfull in life) is that we can really do whatever we want to. We just have to have the guts to go for it and the strength to endure the hardships along the way. That is what seperates the losers in life, like me, from the winners, like Sean.

I mean, it is not like I am particularly unhappy or anything. But I live such a mundane, simple little life...go to work in my call center in my dumpy little in my little yard. What have I really accomplished in life, besides my 18 year relationship with my husband? When I die, what will I be remembered for? Or, better question, will I be remembered? What have I done to leave my footprint on this world? Nada.

I know we can't all be sucessful in our careers, and I can live with that. Some people choose to be great parents, but I don't even have any children yet. Some people have noble careers, like Doctors,Child Care Workers, Teachers, etc. and some people excel at hobbies, like Paul does at golf. Some people have great life-long friendships, when I sometimes have a hard time creating new relationships, partly due to my upbringing and partly due to the fact that I have been burned by my so-called friends so many times in the past.

Long story guess what I am saying is that I've got to figure out what I want to be when I grow up and get my life in order. Now, I know I have been home sick for 2 days and my mind has been working overtime when not preoccupied with work stuff...that is just the way my mind works...but this has been in the back of my mind for awhile now. Maybe I am just having a mid life are some pics from my Charleston trip.