Saturday, April 15, 2006

New job is going well, but I am tired out!! I am sooo not a morning person, it is really hard working 9-5 kinda job when you are used to working nights!

Les, glad to see you guys had fun at the 80's party. Rock on! I can't believe we used to go out of the house looking like that...Yikes!

Mom and I went shopping today for new curtains to use as a liner for her other curtains. WalMart was so busy, it was nuts. They had the PA system turned up really loud so we were screaming over it to talk, like you would at a club. My head has been hurting ever since. We actually wanted to buy more stuff but neither of us could stand the noise so we called it a day early. They pretty much drove their customers away. Now that is good business.

Everyone has been great at the new job, but there is a ton of very dry information to take in very quickly, so the days have been really long. I have been trying to get stuff done so when I am away Paul won't have to worry about certain errands that I usually take care of. We found out on our first day that now we are going away for almost 3 weeks, first going to Toronto and then on to Houston. I love travelling, but not without my husband. This is going to be SO hard!!Oh well. Guess I just got to suck it up! I am really a house body. I have never been away from home, even with Paul, for that long before, so it will be hard for sure.

I feel like my brain in broken. I used to be able to learn new things so quickly and now I feel like a retard. I can't remember stuff that I just went over. My short term memory is shot....kapew!!I guess it is like dusting off the cobwebs, and once I get back into the swing of things, I will start remembering more as I go.

Got to go and dig out my old suitcases.


Lesley said...

What exactly is your new job now? Will you have much travelling to do?
The party was just awesome! I think you would probably have had a blast! Carrie suggested the next girls night party be a bride/bridesmaid party. I think it's not a bad idea because you really only wear your dress once in your life...but could all of us fit into our dresses still?

Joe & 'Berta said...

Houston...I think Heather's Jeff has an interesting story about a bus ride to Houston!

Sounds like you have a lot of stuff to learn in such a short time frame! Lucky you!

Are you going to make up some meals and freeze them for Paul, or is he an accomplished cook? KD & PBJ? Just kidding Paul!

Jen said...

Ha ha...Berta,OK, where is the hidden camera?? Seriously, that is pretty much all he eats, KD & PJB plus bacon/eggs & burgers. But he said he was going to be bored without me so he said he wants me to write out some of my favorite recipes for him to try. This should be fun!

Jeff, I want to hear your Houston story!

Yea, I will be travelling a lot by the looks of things, but this will be the longest trip. The rest should just be for a couple days here and there.