Sunday, August 20, 2006

Well, everything was wonderful. The wedding was beautiful and everyone had fun. Some tears, lots of laughter. Here are some pics for now. I'll post more another day. A lot of our wedding ones didn't turn out. They looked OK in the little screen display on my camera when I took them, but when I see them full size many of them turned out a little blurry. I wish I had brought my camera to the club. I always seem to do that...leave my camera home and then wish I had brought it with me. I've got to start just leaving it in my purse.

Glad to see that the visitors from out west returned home safe and sound.It was great meeting everyone. All the boys in the family have a little bit of Dad in them, one way or another. It freaks me right! I wish Dad had taken me with him all those times he went to family gatherings when I was little. Oh well, can't change the past, only the future. I'd love to get together more often. Maybe we can make it up to Halifax for Halloween, if that offer still stands. Paul is talking about costumes already.

Here are some from the night before the wedding. You know it's a picture of me if I've got something spilled down the front of my shirt, as usual.
Sorry Melanie, your eyes were closed, but still a nice pic. Hhhmmmmm, do we want to go out, or don't we?

The Beck family:

Big bro:

She is so cute, dancing up a storm in her little flower dress!

What a cute couple. (the ball cap goes especially nice with the tux, don't you think Mike? Paul took one before this one and Lisa was laughing, it was so funny, but I won't be that cruel and post it. We tried to get a pic with all three girls, but since I made Madison cry, here is me with Meaghan & Michaela. We've got a nice one with April holding her tearful baby, but blogger wouldn't let me post it, so I will try again another time when I have more patience.


Anonymous said...

Loved seeing your photos!

Lesley said...

Wow! Do we look hot or what?!? My wedding pics turned out dark as well, but most other ones turned out good, I'll have to send you one of you and Paul at the bar drinking the grog!

New MrsIngram said...

Well our wedding pics turned out fuzzy also but I assume it has something to do with the fact that we had Kelsey working the camera and she is way better at taking pictures of her own friends.

Of course the offer still stands for a trip to Halifax ... anytime, just let us know.

Brenda said...

Nice to see everyone had a good time. Hopefully next time I will be in some of those photo's