Thursday, May 10, 2007

OK, so I have been totally neglecting blogger for facebook. Sorry everyone. I have logged on now and then to read posts, but I have not been posting myself.

I guess my facebook photo was on the local news the other night, but I missed it. How come every time I make a fuss about something, I end up on the 5:00 But that is an entire other story...

I planted my seeds tonight. I know I am way behind this year, but so is Spring, so I should be OK. If not, then I will just have to go buy some seedlings in a couple of weeks.

Anyone else watch Jerico? Maybe I was PMSing, but the season finale put me into tears! It was so good!

I've been catching up with old friends on FB and there are talks of a reunion for all the kids that went from grades 1 to 9 (and some on to 12) together. I am so excited.

Nothing else much new going on.

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Alberta ('Berta) said...

Jen, there is no such thing as planting too late! What are you growing?

Joe helped me finish an irrigation system for our raised veggie beds last night. Today I'll turn them once more before planting. Tomatoes & grren peppers will stay in the greenhouse another couple of weeks. Weather man is predicting frost Sunday morning! Yipes!