Sunday, November 25, 2007

What can you get for 30 cents these days? Not much you say to yourself?

Yesterday I went to the Superstore for groceries just when they were marking down bins of odds and ends, all to 30 cents each. So, I did some digging and some more digging, and here is some of the stuff I ended up with. All at 30 cents each!

* Mead zipper binder
* Intuition eae de parfum spray by Estee Lauder
* Olay Total Effects
* Juice Organics Apple Exfoliating Peel (2)
* Juice Organics Revitalizing Eye Treatment
* Loreal Body Gel
* Jewel eau de parfum spray by Alfred Sung
* Bed Head Mega Vitamin Conditioner
* photo albums (2)
* Fantastik Flushable Fresh Brush Kits (2)
* boxes of pens & markers
* notebooks/page protectors/binder dividers
* bandaids
* tape
* Chloe perfume
* halloween decorations (like a rubber severed hand that crawls across the table)
* Rubbermaid food storage containers
* kitchen utencils
* flower vases
* books (novels and a book on how to find a good babysitter)

The list goes on. Plus, it was "no tax" night, so even better. Gotta love it.

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Alberta ('Berta) said...

Lucky you!