Monday, April 13, 2009

Well, it has been a crazy day for sure. Daisy has an ear infection so we went to the vet. Then we went to the park to play in the snow/mud. Came home and gave her a bath. Paul found a tick on her, which he promptly yanked off (all the internet sites say to do the opposite). Then at 9:45 pm I ran to WalMart to buy tick shampoo. He vaccuumed the floors with the nozzle (our belt is broke), I washed all her bedding, he gave her a second bath, and then I washed all the towels in hot water. Two baths later, and I am still freaking out. I've got the heebee-geebies.

The spot where we pulled the tick off has a big red sore, so I am freaking out wondering if the head is in do I tell....will it get infected...what if she gets Lyme disease??????????? Good thing I am not getting knocked up, because how can I handle kids if I can barely handle a dog?

OK, so I am taking hormones to try to get pregnant, which I know isn't helping my emotional state right now, but still. I wonder if she got it from the park, or if it came from the vet. We were sitting next to a really sick kitty. It was crying and the owner said she didn't know what was wrong with it.

Could it have laid eggs under her skin? In the house? In the bed? Ewwwweeeeeee!!!!!! And, was it from today, or was it there for a few days already?

Like I already said, freaking out here!!!


New MrsIngram said...

Sorry I know nothing about ticks, but I do know a few things about the hormones if you need to talk. Messing with your hormones really will send you on a rollercoaster ride that just won't quit!

Alberta said...

Jen, I'm sure things will turn out fine for Daisy...stay positive and take care of yourself. I was just thinking the other day I should knit something!!!