Thursday, February 04, 2010

OK so I know, I am way overdue. Facebook is starting to fade out and I think it is time to start Blogging again.

It was a quiet Christmas. We had a funeral on Christmas Eve day, as Paul's grandfather passed away. Today his wife passed. They were in the hospital together on the same floor for a period. Sad but comforting at the same time.

Mom is doing good. Nothing much new there. She had a tooth out last week and is now on antibiotics for the infection, but she is feeling much better now that it is out.

I am getting ready for some more traveling. I had a promotion last month, and since the new position is a global one, I think there will be some international travels in my future. I know I am going to Houston again soon, but that is the only for sure thing just yet. There is talk of Belgium, Germany and France. We will see.

I hear that there is going to be a Bath and Body works coming to Halifax, so no more lugging it back from Houston. Yea! Halifax here I come (as soon as the snow is gone).

I have been keeping tabs on everyone having so much fun. Travels to Africa, babies, wedding plans, husband co-worker troubles, kitchen renos, etc. What a busy family! I know I have been quiet and not commenting much on FB pics,posts and so on, but I still keep up for the most part. I always love to see new pics.

Daisy lost some fur on her ear. I took her to the vet and apparently she has some sort of autoimmune disease. Long story short, she's supposed to wear ear muffs/something over her ears if she is outside for more than 5 min. when it is 4 degrees or colder. Yea, right. We may have her trained by spring, when we won't need it And I am SURE the neighbors must think I am crazy, look at the dog with the scarf wrapped around her head....oh joy.

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Alberta said...

I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of Paul's grandparents and so closely. I guess they literally did everything together. Give Paul a hug for us!

Is travel to AB considered global? lol All the best with the new promotion!