Friday, May 05, 2006

Congrats to Heather & Jeff!! That is really great news guys!!

This trip sure is one I will not forget anytime soon. I ruptured my ear drum on the plane to Texas and got deadly sick. I had to pay $84 for a visit to the doctor, plus medicine. I am now on anti-inflamitories (I know I can't spell....sorry), antibiotics & pain killers. The pain killers the doctor perscribed for me made the room spin and I kept puking. I went to work and was laying on the bathroom floor hugging the toilet bowl all morning so they sent me home. Now I am just taking my migrane pain killers instead and they seem to do the trick without the side effects. But the doctor said if it doesn't heal by the time my flight leaves then I will have to stay longer. That would be really sad. Oh well. I can only heal as fast as I can heal.

We went to a baseball game in Minute Maid Park. I am not really into baseball, but I must say I did enjoy the atmosphere. There were so many people and the place was so clean! I was really surprised by that. It was my first full day out of my bed since I arrived (we went after work) and I was really wiped out by the end of it. Can you believe they actually charge $7 for a large pop there?? Crazy!

We are still deciding what to do this weekend. We may go to St. Antonio or Galviston. Or, maybe just shopping and sight seeing around town in Houston. I really want to go to the museum and go shopping and just see the city, but other people have other ideas, and I guess majority rules. I just don't want to have to drive hours on the highways in the pouring rain when we are not even sure where we are going or what we are doing. It rained for about 10 min when we were on our way to the ball park and it was like a flash flood. The streets were all flooded up to the car doors and there were accidents all along the highway. They are calling for rain all weekend and thunder storms, not to mention tornado watches west of Houston, so I really don't want to venture too far.

Well that is all my news for now. I am finally feeling a little better and sat by the pool for awhile with the rest of the group and enjoyed a cooler or two tonight. It is so hot here, but I think my body is finally getting a bit used to it.

Have a great weekend everyone!!


Joe & 'Berta said...

Oh Jen, I hope you are on the mend today! That was such a rotten way to start the trip and new job. It seems like all your luck is bad, so turn it around soon! Take care of yourself, hopefully the next post will be about some fun stuff!

Lesley said...

You poor girl! Where's the fun in being sick when you're travelling? Hopefully you'll heal fast and can enjoy the rest of the trip. Bath and Body Works (I think that's what it's called) have some really awesome bath stuff that you can't get in Canada...hopefully you can shop too!