Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Hello everyone. Well, tomorrow is the big day. I get to fly back home. I am so excited, I don't think I will sleep at all. Besides, I have to be up by 3 am at the latest to catch the flight, so I may just pull an all nighter.

What a trip!! First off my ear drum ruptured on the plane coming into Houston. Then it got infected. Meanwhile, I already had the mumps but the symptoms just happened to start my first day in Houston. So, needless to say, it has been a memoriable experience. I missed the first few days of training, got to meet some nice doctors and nurses in Houston (man, I don't know how people afford to get sick in the USA!!) and got to spend lots of time in my hotel room in bed. Not to mention all the time I spent at work and in my room hugging the toilet bowl. I am on 4 kinds of medication, including some wonderful pain killers. But it still doesn't make up for the time I lost and the fact that I can't hear out of one ear. The plane tomorrow should be pretty painful, but I don't care as long as I get home. I am fortunate to get to go home earlier than most of the rest of my group. Oh well. That is the way it goes sometimes.

I have been OK the past couple of days so I have been trying to cram everything in. A group of us went to San Antonio on Sunday and got to see the Alamo, River Walk and Sea World. It was my first amusement/theme park and it was awesome. I just wish I had more time to do and see everything and that I felt better when I was there. I love San Antonio, it is like old Montreal but with a dash of Mexican & Cowboy and instead of French, many people speak Spanish. Houston is more like Toronto (so they tell me), it is very modern and they tear stuff down to make room to build new things, instead of preserving the past. The River Walk was georgous and I could have spent an entire day just enjoying that alone.

The odd thing is that for such a huge city, everyone in Houston is really nice!! (nicer than the people in Montreal). They have oil refineries that cover more land mass than the entire city of Saint John! It is quite a sight, let me tell you! The highways are nuts though, and I am glad I was too sick to have to drive anywhere by myself.

We went into Houston on Saturday and went to the museum and Imax theatre. The planetarium was part of that complex and that was really fun. Then we had a little pool party back at the hotel but I went to bed by 10:30 while everyone else stayed out till 4:30 am, which was just outside my bedroom window. Lets just say, I wasn't a happy camper.

Well that's all for now. Maybe I can get an hour sleep before the plane.


Lesley said...

Glad to hear you've had a good trip all things considered. I can't wait to see pictures, you did take pictures, right? We take pictures of all of our exciting trips to Mom's or the cottage. We don't get out much..but can't wait for summer vacation!

Alberta said...

Have a good trip home Jen! We'll give you a day or so before we expect a blog update!

Anonymous said...

Have a safe trip home Jennifer and hopefully you will be feeling much better soon. Paula $ the boys