Tuesday, October 31, 2006

It has been a while since I have posted. Funny thing is that I have been crazy busy, but not much new has happened.

By the way, I must say that Halloween candy is the DEVIL to everyone!It is just WAY to tempting!Especially when somone sticks a huge bowl of all your favorite treats right next to your desk at work, just when you are so busy that you don't have time to get lunch or a break. How convenient.
So, long story short, I've gained some weight lately when I should be losing instead. Time to get back on track. Ok, now that I'm done ranting, on to more fun topics.

We had a Halloween contest at work today. Each "team" had to come up with a theme and decorate and wear costumes today to go along with their theme. Some themes were The Wizzard of Oz (you get the idea)and a hunter's lodge (complete with orange clad hunters, a crazy blood covered butcher and a moose with antlers that he kept getting caught in the fake spider webs in our area). Our group's theme was Dead Wedding. We had fencing around our "graveyard", bride and groom, a preist, wedding planner, waiters, etc.. With all the high winds we have been having lately, we lost 1/3 of the big maple tree from our back yard the other day so I brought a bunch of tree branches into work for our graveyard. It looked awesome. I even made a wedding cake, although it looked more like a big turd then a wedding cake. I really should have used the pillars for the different tiers but we were over budget as it was and I didn't want to spend my own money on it. Still, it tasted good.

I had my hair done earlier this month. Here is a shot. It is kinda short for my liking but I like the color. After the orange hair fiasco, it was nice to get back to a normal color. Plus, it looks way healthier than it was before.

And my blog wouldn't be called A Day In The Life Of Daisy if it weren't for a Daisy picture here and there.

The night our tree fell apart, it was so windy that bricks out of our chimney were coming out and rolling around on the roof. Our porch swing was going airborn and then thudding down back on the deck, over and over so I had to go out in the pouring rain & high winds to take the swing cover apart. Lovely. I was soaked to the bone. Paul was originally going to have the guys over to watch hockey but decided at the last minute to go to somone else's house instead. I was thrilled, that was...until all hell broke lose. Daisy was barking her head off. I was scared one the chimney bricks would come through the ceiling. We had a leak a week earlier and it was raining out of the light fixture so I was also wonding if our patch job was going to hold up. I wish the boys were watching hockey at our house because I would have felt much safer. I listened to Matt working. Man he is good at his job! It was crazy busy to. I don't know if it was because of the wind or what, but they kept getting calls when no one actually made the call, but they had to send out someone to check it out anyway. Oh Matt, if you are reading this, do you remember what happened to the dog that was left tied out in the yard all night that was barking with no shelter last Saturday night? I must have missed the follow up on that and I have been thinking about it ever since. I hope the doggie was OK. Poor thing.What a terrible night to be left outside. Some people can be so cruel.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jen, I will tell Mat that you hear him he just got his computer on line, glad to hear that you feel better. The wind also knocked over our table and chairs on the deck too and Paul had to pick them up the wind so strong, hope no great damage. Matthew loves dogs so he would be worried about the dog too. He works hard at what ever he is doing. love to you all cheryl and paul

Alberta said...

Hi Jen, Joe & I can relate to high winds and broken trees...a couple of trees ago we had a 30 year old elm tree crack and hang over the house. With all our tree huggers out here...try and find the information on how to remove such a tree. Did you know the province has all the elm trees catalogued? Well, when they do the next count, they are going to be short 1!