Sunday, November 19, 2006

Sorry girls, but I am on the rampage.

You know, there once was a day when I could go into a clothing store and spend my paycheck on clothes. I find as I get older I am becoming more conservative with my money. After all, I don't have a lot of it to waste.

I have been shopping now for a couple of weeks looking for the perfect party dress for our Christmas formal at work but I have been having the worst luck. I think I am exactly the size between plus sizes and regular sizes. Sometimes I can wear an XL, like in a sweater, but if it is anything fitted I have to go to the plus sizes. But the people who design the plus sizes think if you get fatter, of course you must get taller. Makes sense doesn't it? Well apparently I am just a freak of nature because I haven't gotten taller as I have gotten wider.

Plus size blouses are down to my knees and so low cut I am showing everyone my goods. I mean, sometimes I do want to let my assets show, but not every day. Plus, plus size clothing is so much more expensive then regular sizes, it drives me crazy. Same black pants, plus size $59, regular sizes $29. Come one, it is not all that much more fabric, really.

I know what I want but I just can't seem to find it in my size. I want a long sleeve black long dress, with a low neckline. You know, a winter version of the "little black dress". Is that really too much to ask for? Well apparently the answer to that is yes.It is times like these I think about maybe starting to dig out my sewing machine and start sewing again. But then it makes me angry that I have to make my clothes if I want to wear something nice. And another thing....why are most ladies plus size clothing so gross? I mean, some of this stuff is REALLY ugly! Why can't they just make them like regular people nice clothing, but just larger? Just because I am overweight doesn't mean I want to wear all my shirts as dresses, to my knees. And all the tops are 3/4 length sleeves. What is with that? Really? To someone who is overweight, the 3/4 length sleeve (just like the knee length blouses & tops) cuts you off just in the wrong spot & actually make a big person look bigger because it ruins the lines of the outfit. Who makes this stuff anyway?

And the "dressy" formal stuff looks like something you should see a grandmother wearing. To top it off, they put regular size models in the plus size clothing to make it look even worse. I went online to all the stores from my local area & this is the kind of stuff they have:

Oooh baby, sexy sexy. Just what I was looking for! NOT!

I want something like these, but in plus sizes. This one below would be perfect, except in black (this one is dark brown).

This is a little plain for what I need, but it would do:
This is also a little too casual, but with the boots it does look great. Plus, I could wear it again.
Also I little casual,but with nice jewellery & strappy black heels, it would also be better than anything I have seen yet.
Does anyone know where I can buy stuff like this for plus sizes? I've already searched online but the only nice stuff I could find was for $200-$500 dresses. I just can't spend that much on a dress for one night.
Anyone have any suggestions (besides me loosing weight, which I am doing anyway, but in the meantime I still need to be clothed)?


Alberta said...

Oh Jen, I can definitely feel your pain!

I also have a hard time getting fitted. Too broad across the back for most 1 piece dresses, unless it's a knit of some sort.

Not enough in the jug region to fill most necklines and too much in the middle!

But for some unknown reason,I usually find lots that fit me when I shop with Les...even Alex has helped Nannie when I tried on carwash pants!

Don't shop by's all a cruel game...and don't be afraid to try on something that looks limp on the hanger.

I'm sure you are going to look fabulous!

Lesley said...

I took Mom to Sears for her formal dress.I seem to buy all of my little black dresses there usually when they're 40% off which is often.
I'm built like my Mom (sexy, ha ha) and I've got the trademark MacAulay backfat thing happening too. What's with that?!

Brenda said...

Hey that back fat does not come from us. We got the jelly belly thing going on, you know when your belly enters the room two minutes before the rest of you and your not pregant.
That's why I make my own, especialy for special occasions, you can hide what you dont like and show off the assets.

Anonymous said...

Yea, jelly belly is definately me. Sad but true.

Heather and Jeff (and baby Jonathan) said...

are you kidding me...Im not even thinking about dress-up clothes...I would settle for bras that dont blow while you are at work!!!yup that was me last night...not pretty...and panties that are pretty and dont cut off the circulation you my ever-growing hips...

but I do get Jonathan in the end...only 30 days to go...Jeff has a count down going and he tells me Im not counting the days away too...ha ha