Thursday, March 15, 2007

Here is a shot of the Bantam Bookstore in Second Life. Center stage with black hair & dressed in shades of purple, is DeanKoontz Lane, Dean Kootz' avitar. He was doing the first live pod cast of an author in Second Life (a virtual world). It was for an hour tonight. I sat for most of it until the end when everyone walked up to take a snapshot....hehe. That's the back of my head with the long black hair, dressed in black & green.

It was great. He read some of his new novel The Good Guy coming out May 29th. We could IM questions and he answered most of them live. He is quite a funny guy. I asked 8 or 9 questions and got them all answered except two, which was really cool.

Fun ways to waste time! I know I'm a geek.


Alberta said...

Okay Jen...I'm not sure I understand this...where you there in person, hence the graphic of your head? How does that translate to a podcast...was it at the same time? My poor head is just not getting this!

Lesley said...

I need to be educated on this stuff too!
Seems pretty cool!

Blog U Say!!! said...

I think Second Life is a virtual world, so that you are virtually there with these people but you can chat realtime with them through a messenger type interface. Second life got a lot of attention a few months back as a lady was trying to sell her 2nd life character for over a million dollars. She has accumulated a lot of virtual land and businesses in second life and is now trying to cash in on it.


Jen said...

It is a virtual world where you are represented by the avitar you create.Just like real life there are stores to buy stuff(ie. books that are mailed to you in real life or clothing in "play money" aka Linden Dollars for your avitar), you can go to bars to hang out with friends, etc. You communicate through Instant Messaging with people/friends in the room with you. You also have a list of gestures, like laughing out loud, etc. With the live pod cast of Dean Koontz, we could see his avitar, while hearing his real voice live and we could type in questions in IM that he would answer live.

People buy land for many reasons. Usually to sell stuff, like books, or advertise stuff that is in real life. Some people buy land (for example) to build a house or club on, where all the people in their real life families or friends can go to hang out and meet up so they can be in a room and all IM each other at the same time, like a real discussion, except typing. You could hang pics on the walls of family members, etc. if you wanted.

They say eventually it will be the new way for online shopping. You could create an avitar to your dimensions and then go into shops, try on clothes to see how they fit, make outfits, etc & they they would arrive at your door in real life.

Now there are groups that meet up at clubs, etc. to have group discussions, read poetry, play games like Trivia Persuit and so on. Some bands have virtual concerts, where you hear them live, but you just see their avitars.

Does that make it more understandable?