Saturday, March 31, 2007


Alberta said...

Jen, we are so sorry to hear about your loss. Hang on to your memories of your dear friend Donna. She sounds like a really nice person I would have loved to have known. Exceptional people like this are few and far between, but what an impact they make on others.

"There's a warmth and joy
That never ends
Between the hearts
Of Special Friends"

Take care!

Lesley said...

It's never easy to accept losing someone. Glad you have lots of happy memories to help you along!
We love you gurl!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jen, I'm really sorry you have lost a friend. There was a death in my extended family this past weekend as well. It's very sad. For any of you Bible readers out there, John 5:28,29 is a real comfort. Take care, Paula