Monday, January 02, 2006

I finally had a chance to try my new blender and I knew it would crush ice as soon as I took it out of the box. It is so much heavier and better quality than my old one, and bonus, it makes great smoothies!

So I have started with the new year's resolution and I already have a border line migrane from sugar withdrawl. I guess that is what happens when you eat half a box of chocolates the day before you begin a diet. My bad. So I've taken some tylenol with codeine and now...well...lets just say I am happier. That's for sure. But my head still hurts.

I was supposed to go home and get on the treadmill tonight but since I feel like crap and only had three hours sleep last night, it would probably be better for me if I go home and go to bed instead. Besides, I wanted to get a check up done first before I start working out really hard and heavy so I don't keel over on the treadmill. Maybe I can get in to see the doctor later this week.

Nothing new and exciting going on lately. I went out to a party for new year's for one hour. I went straight from work and had to be at work at 7 am the next morning, so no drinking for me. By the time I arrived everyone was pretty hammered and it was not fun to be the only sober one. We stayed for the count down and then I took my very drunk (he started drinking at 8 pm) husband home, but only after stopping off for take out first. He sobered really quickly when we got home and had some pizza so I'm guessing that part of his behaviour may have been due to low blood sugar levels rather than the beer. His friends like to push liquor at him, well knowing that he can't handle it like he used to before he was diagnosed with diabetes. But I guess once everyone is drunk, no one really cares. One time I showed up at a party late and he was acting really weird but only had two drinks so I forced him into testing his blood sugar levels and it was at 2. I was rushing around looking for some pop (not diet) to give him and everyone was like, oh don't worry about have a drink...Paul's just having fun. Meanwhile, I was ready to call 911. People just can't be as rational when they are drunk as when they are sober, myself included. Parties are never much fun for me anymore because I try to keep my eye on Paul. Sometimes I feel more like a mother than a wife, and I don't like it!


Lesley said...

I suppose you could look at the whole mothering your husband as preparation for having kids to care for...we've all been there...I still remember the New Year's (before kids) when we went to three parties, I was DD and Aaron was wasted after the first one and fell out of the car upon arrival at party #2...I think we take turns though because the next year I was standing on the tables at the officer's mess New Year's Bash yelling "that's my daddy talking so shut the @#$! up"...aah...those were the days.LOL! I can relate to the sugar withdrawals too! I'm trying to cut my caffeine intake and it's going better than the last time I did this (probably Jan '05) but I still have the headache. I've already picked out my dress for wedding (there's no backing out now guys!) because I'm hoping my dress from this year won't fit...although it is a hot little number!

Joe & 'Berta said...

Jen, what is your favorite smoothie recipe? I have never really made any unless it was a milk shake type.

Love the pics, keep them coming!

Jennifer said...

For a while there I was on an orange smoothy kick where I bought this big bottle of orange syrup at Sobeys and would mix it with ice and milk, but I got bored of it really quickly.

My all time favorite is yogurt, milk, frozen fruit, and a bit of sugar. I never really measure anything, sorry, so I don't have an actual recipe for that mix. I just throw it together and taste it, then adjust to my liking.

I often buy the straw. daq. mix from the section of the store that sells cans of frozen drinks. I usually add double the amount of ice because I find it really sweet.
I do have some favorite recipes which I will just post on my blog to make it easier.

Glad you liked the pics. I will keep my eyes out for some more.