Sunday, January 22, 2006

Since I had such good luck connecting with my Dad's side of the family as a result of blog surfing, I thought I would try my luck with finding my Mom's side of the family. Here are a mixture of pictures. If anyone is blog surfing and recognizes anyone, please add a comment.

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Jen said...

After the portraits of Julia (maiden name Strickland) & John Bursey is a pic of Wallace and Marion Bursey. Wallace is my Nan's brother. I also put his bio from one of his books at the bottom of this posting, in case anyone knows him from teaching at the University. Then Gramp and Nan's sister (I think Vera Bursey), then Dot Bursey, then Nan's other sister as a kid (approx 1910), then Nan's Nan in the bonnet and finally, Nan's aunt Mary.