Thursday, January 19, 2006

What a day I had! It started out great, I slept in and had plenty of extra time to get ready for work. I showered early and actually did my hair instead of just pulling it back like I usually do. I had some extra time after I dropped Paul off for work before I had to go to work so I went back to the house. I noticed that the wind had thrown the garbage cans around the yard so I went and picked them up while I had Daisy on the leash with me. I then noticed that Paul had put a bag of cans and bottles for recycling on the deck and the cats or racoons must have dug it open because there were bottles all over the yard, and the neighbors yard, etc.

So, I was pulling Daisy along on her leash as I picked up all the cans and bottles (her leash is one of those pull-out kind that goes about 30 feet) when she decided to roll around in some animal poop! She was covered in really stinky do-do! I yelled at her and she shrugged out of her leash and took off down the yard. I had to chase her around until I got ahold of her and put her up on the deck so I could go inside and get a garbage bag to wrap around her. I planned to steer her into the tub to give her a bath. We don't have a door on the deck so we prop up a baby gate instead but the wind blew it over. Never, ever before has she jumped over the gate when it had blown over. Last time that happened we were inside and she was on the deck alone and when we came out she was napping on the lawn furniture. She is usually so good, but not today!

Then she bolts so I run up onto the deck to get the leash and turn around.....gone. Just like that. Here I was running up and down the yard hollering Daisy, Daisy come! like a retard. I finally saw her two yards over in someone's fenced in back yard. I had to make my way through the branches of all these shrubs behind someone's garage to get to the fence but I couldn't figure out how to get over the fence without pulling the old thing over. So I am standing on the other side yelling over and over, Daisy come! I am sure the neighbors love me now. Eventually she crawled back under the fence and came to me covered in do-do and black with mud. I literally pulled her back to house and straight upstairs to the tub. I just pointed to the tub and said "IN" and she hopped right in. That is a first. I guess she knew I meant business.

I used half a bottle of dog shampoo on her when I was done and then I had to scrub the tub and the floors. Of course, I had to take another shower myself. So much for doing my hair and having lots of time before work. By then I had to rush around to get ready for work so I wouldn't be late. What a miserable day! She knew she was in trouble though. When I left she was hiding under the dining room table.

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