Sunday, September 03, 2006

We had a great day yesterday. First we took Daisy to the park with our friends and had fun. Then we all went to the beach. We've only been to this beach once before, so it was a nice change. Daisy played her little heart out.

Then today, an ear infection. Poor girl. I've been online trying to see if there is anything I can do until I can get her to the vet on Tuesday. Most of the websites say I can at least clean it out with a vinegar & water mix. The dogs books I have are no help at all.

Anyone have any suggestions?


Alberta said...

Poor Daisy! Jen, we had a similar problem with Cody and found that we have to keep her ears very clean and dry. We get an ear solution through the vet's office but it requires a visit first...! Joe is the one in charge of put a few drops into the channel and then massage it around and wipe off the excess and yucky stuff. I hope Daisy is feeling better soon!

Jen said...

Thanks Berta. We are going to see if they can fit her in tomorrow morning at the vet.

This is Daisy's first ear infection, but I bet not her last. Maybe we will have to use drops all the time and like you said, make sure her ears stay dry & clean. I guess the beach is not the best spot for that.