Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Crappy. That about sums up how I've been feeling lately. My sugars have been all over the charts and I've been having bad chest pains lately. I've been to the ER more times than I can count on one hand in the last two weeks. I just can't wait until I start feeling better and more like myself again.

I just got to get through this week. I am on after hours duty, on call 24 hours a day for the next week at work. Oh joy. I just pray that pager doesn't go off. And I've got to lug a laptop and cel phone with me everywhere I go all week. I don't know how Henry does it.

The corn boil was a blast!! I really enjoyed myself, even though I was really drained. I actually got some sleep to. Bonus! It was great to get together like that. That is the most I have ever heard Monica talk...haha! I know at the wedding, everyone was tired out and Monica lost her voice for a while there..or almost..so needless to say she was pretty quiet. But I always get the impression from the blog that she is a talker...hello...she's really MacAulay blood after all...... But every time I've seen her she was so quiet. Well, they haven't been the best of times to talk either. I think the last time I saw her before Henry's wedding was Dad's funeral and that wasn't the time to catch up. Well, long story short, I had fun...lol...and I discovered Monica is after all, a chatty cathy, just like the rest of us.

Daisy had fun to! She slept for days after. All the kids wore her right out. Thanks for letting us bring her. I hope you didn't find any "gifts" left behind after we left. I checked the parimiter before we left and didn't see anything.

I've got Casino night this weekend for work and our friend is having a house party, so I should be busy this weekend. The only question now is will I feel like doing anything at all? I hope so. We'll see.


New MrsIngram said...

I certainly have my chatty moments .. you just missed all the chatting at the wedding which did lead to my almost "loss of voice".

The cornboil was a blast. I love everyone getting together. I've been trying to post pics but having some real problems with photobucket lately.

Lesley said...

I'm so jealous! I wish I could have been there. Aaron and I have entered some contest where one of the prizes is 50 hours of flying time on a private jet.
What would you do? Go somewhere ? Or go visit family?
Maybe do both? Victoria is warm-ish and not far away for flying..