Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I went to the doctor today about my finger (for those of you who don't already know, I cut my finger pretty bad on a Rachael Ray food processor). The cut healed nice however the bottom of the cut, near the middle of my finger, hurts really bad when I touch it to anything, such as when I open a door or especially my locker at work. The tip of my finger at the top of the cut is numb. Lovely. Good news is that it should correct itself ...eventually. Bad news is that I apparently severed a nerve and it could take from a month, a year, to numerous years before it is back to normal. She said if it really bothers me they could "excavate" with surgery but it would probably create more pain than necessary. Wonderful.

Have any of you seen that new commercial where this guy is interviewing this Paris-Hilton-type celebrity and he asks her about her new fragrance she is selling? She says something like "Oh no, I would NEVER wear that (with disgust), but I do fully endorse it (smile, giggle)". Rachael Ray sells this stuff but she doesn't use it herself or on her show. I am the only person who finds this odd? If you could see how hard it is to change the blade on the food processor, you would understand why she would never be able to use it on her show... 30 minute meals, but 27 of those minutes you are attempting to change the blade on your food processor, 1 minute to grab a towel to stop the bleeding, 1 minute to locate the phone & dial 911 and 1 minute to grab that chocolate bar at the bottom of your purse as you wait for the ambulance to arrive, just so your blood sugar won't get too low in all the commotion. Tadaa. A new recipe called Blood & Chocolate. Wait a minute, isn't that the name of a new movie?

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Lesley said...

I didn't realize your cut was that bad, I still don't have all of the feeling back from my c-sections. It's a strange feeling...
I'll join your crusade and boycott RR products!