Friday, January 26, 2007

Did you ever think, Why bother?


Alberta said...

Wow Jen...what to say and where to start...seems like someone had a bad day and needed to share it with others.

My days do have a routine & rythmn to them but in no way are they the same thing over & over again.

Having children did change our family dynamics, but in no way was I serving them, we were raising adults. I did not put aside my interests because of them...a happier Mom means a happier home.

Do we really need to separate work from the rest of the day? You should enjoy both, whether you are changing sh*tty diapers or serving the front counter at your local convenience store. Where would society on the whole be if not for that smiling face selling you milk @ 10:30 pm for the kids breakfast and wishing you a good night? It isn't about the money or the job's what is you at that point in your life.

My thoughts on those without can still lead a vital and rewarding life. Some get the empty nesters syndrome when the kids leave, Joe & I celebrated...we did a great job raising the girls to be independant and confident women. We can now more into a different period of our lives. We are having fun each and every day.

Christmas & vacations aren't about 1 single day, they are for building memories to last a lifetime. It can be as expensive or as cheap as you want or need it to be. People don't care about the material stuff, they just want to know that hey, you cared enough to come out to the family gathering. One of my special memory is from the weekend Joe & I went to Calgary to do something...I can't remember what it was, that's not the point, but after that was done everyone decided to come back to our place for the rest of the weekend...and didn't they all beat us back to our house. We pulled into the driveway and all the lights were on in the house and Joseph & Alex were in my front window welcoming us home! That had WOW factor!

As to life's can look at it as that or look at it as a new opportunity to grow as a person in all dimsensions. As the saying goes...

And this is my response to your it, ignore it, do what you have to do but know that this is my life, not a dress rehersal and I've living it as if this is my last regrets!

I hope to hear from you soon. Take care of yourself!

Lesley said...

OMG that's a lot to think about on a Sunday morning.
Well, here's my 2 cents...
I've had lots of different jobs and I think I enjoyed working at the gas station and waitressing almost as much as my grown up librarian job. I love to interact with people and if being cheery to them helps them start their day or giving them a coffee on the house then give me a WOOT WOOT!
Aaron and I had children not because we were missing something or because it's expected but because we thought we'd love to share what we have with other people.
Kids can be hard work but anything worthwhile is. Seeing that newborn baby will take your breath away, I still love to stand in the boys doorways and just watch them sleep.
Aaron and I have decided that we do overindulge on the holidays and we've decided to save on the gifts and spend on the holidays. They're what we remember, not the new DVD or perfume. My boys still think they can just hop a plane to see Kelsey, Caitlynn and baby Joeye...if only it were that quick!Memories last a lifetime!

MelComeau said...

I have to say, life has been shitty lately and I've been wondering a lot of the same things as you.... I know that someday soon things will turn around and I won't remember why I was so depressed... Sometimes I think you have to suffer through all the shitty things to earn all the happy times... But sometimes I think about that and realize I'm owed a lot of really great happy times now!

New MrsIngram said...

That was intense .. especially since I am so ridiculously hormonal right now. I guess answering some of your questions is what really got the tears running though. I don't want to bore you though so I will only make a couple of key points.

I can not explain to you what it is like to have children. You can not put into words feeling something rumbling around in your belly, watching it grow, seeing it born, watching them learn, their first smile, their first walk and seeing how proud of themselves they are. Joeye peed on the floor the other day, she was trying to get it in the pottie, but some got on the floor, was I bothered that I had to clean-up after her .. no it never crossed my mind .. I was so proud of her and seeing the look on her face of how proud of herself she was .. it was priceless. Even if we are serving them it definetely never feels like it. I feel so blessed and fortunate to have them. Not to mention watching your husband, the man you love be a father, amazing.

I wake up every day and choose to be happy. Happiness is a choice. You have the option to make your life what you want it to be. I work with a non-profit organization for young mothers to make me feel like I'm giving something back to the world that gave me a second chance. If you feel like you want to do something for society then go out there and do it .. volunteer at a children's hospital, a womens shelter a senior citizens home .. get out there and contribute to the world .. it is a choice we make. If you are not happy with something in your life go ahead and chance it. Freedom of choice.

Yeah my car might be crappy but atleast it's mine, my house might not be the best decorated but we have made some great memories in there .. my family might be disfunctional but they sure are entertaining .. kidding of course .. we might all have issues, but nobody's perfect, and I love each and everyone of them for who they are and what they've added to my life .. let's cry some more here.

First Leslie's meme and now this ..

Jen you sound depressed to me. I've had my own moments. You should talk to someone. Life is what we make of it .. you can wake up and choose to be happy that day or you can wake up and decided to look for all it's faults. I choose to be happy.

PS - Call me if you want to talk, I'm no psychologist, but a little cheaper. I'd post my number on here but then I'd have perv's galore calling me!

PSS - Christmas is about the memories of baking the cookies and throwing flour at your kids, of putting up the decorations and watching your husband drop the tree on his head like a dozen times and even though after all the gifts are open it's all done .. that's when you get to start looking forward to next year.

New MrsIngram said...

Geez I'm awfully long winded today ain't I? It's the hormones the hormone I tell you!!!

Les .. my girls miss your boys too