Monday, February 12, 2007

I was just wondering if anyone happens to have Dad's ship (Schooner?) pin? Mom has been talking about it a lot lately. She remembers all the times she got Dad all dressed up for board meetings for work and for family gatherings over the years. He is wearing it in almost all the pictures of him when he was dressed up, pinned on his tie. She says she feels really bad that she gave all Dad's jewelery away after he passed, but she wasn't thinking clearly. She is not even sure of who she gave it to.

I just thought if someone had it and wasn't necessarily attached to it and wanted to send it to Mom, she would really love that. But if someone has it and really doesn't want to part with it for sentimental reasons, that is fine to.

I don't want to post her address here, but I think most of the family has it. If not, I can always e-mail it if someone wants me to.

I just thought, it never hurts to ask.


paul and cheryl said...

Hi Jen.
I can't seem to find your phone number.
If you have mine,give me a call.or e-mail me your number.
Brother Paul.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jen
I don't even remember a schooner pin. Do you have a picute of it. I just looked at a picture of dad that I have on my desk, and it looks like some kind of schooner pin I guess, but I really don't have a good picture of the pin. I know that I don't have it, and can't really remember seeing it.