Sunday, February 04, 2007

We finally have our car back!! I hate not having a car. It really sucks. Especially when it is cold out. But we've got it now, until next time, which I hope is not in the near future.

Anyone watch Jennifer Lopez's new show, Dance Life? I am watching it now. I hate Blake. Anyone remember Blake from So You Think You Can Dance? He was an ass on that show to.

I love the dance shows. Even though Blake is an ass, I gotta say he really can dance. Nolan is kinda cute though. Better go watch. I think he just got a gig with Mary J Blige.


MelComeau said...

We're getting our car back today too... It's a horrible piece of junk, but I really missed having it... Never thought I would say that!

I didn't know she had a new show, but I can't stand her! If I never had to see her again I would be thrilled, so I won't be watching...

Jen said...


JLo has only been in one episode and that was only for about 3 minutes. It is really all about the life of the dancers. (but she is the producer)

Anyway,nice to hear you have your car back to.