Tuesday, February 13, 2007

What happened???? I watched American Idol tonight but I did not see Rachel Zevita at all, aka Opera Girl. Remember her? She had a sort of hippie look and sang three songs, including opera. She was incredible and if she had an album out right now in her "rocker voice", I would buy it on the spot. Who am I kidding? I love her voice no matter what she sings. She was so original and really could sing anything. I can't imagine she got voted off. Did I miss her when I took Daisy out for 2 minutes? I was so looking forward to hearing her again.

Hopefully she will be on the show tomorrow. She was so pretty and since she could sing anything, she really could have made herself into whatever she wanted to be. I hope she stays. It would be awsome to see her kick some butt when they do all those period/theme type songs, I am sure she would just get right into character. Did you see her entire persona changed when she switched to sing the three different types of music? A lot of good singers can only sing one type of music and if they try different things, they sound really bad.

What do you think?



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