Monday, July 31, 2006

I hope there is still room at the hotel for the wedding by the time we get there because we can't prebook without a credit card. Oh well. We should be alright. We will be there for sure on Sat and Sun but Paul is still working on getting the Friday off. That would be awsome because if that works out maybe we can get up there by late Thursday night after work.

We do have one issue though. Daisy. She loves the car but since we can't leave her in the hotel room while we are away, I just don't know what to do with her. Is anyone else bringing their dog, and if so, what will they be doing with them? We may be able to get a "sitter" to come in and take her for walks and stuff, but handing over our house keys to someome is a worry in itself. We've got lots of friends around, but they have families and I know the last thing they want to do on their weekends is come to our house to walk our dog. Plus, Daisy is very protective when people come to the door, or even just walk down the street past the house, when we are not here. She flips out at the mailman. She wouldn't do that with a female friend, rather than a male, but then finding someone to do it. Hmmmm. I know someone that would for sure if we could leave her our car. But we need to take our car with us.

Oh, we'll figure it out. I am getting excited now!!


Lesley said...

Mom and Dad have brought Cody with them and I think they're just planning on keeping her in the trailer while at the wedding, that way she's got her familiar surroundings. Cody's quite a superdog!
We've got a house sitter/dog/cat sitter while we're away. Yippee! That takes a load off my mind, now we can just party with the best of them -well as much as our children allow!

New MrsIngram said...

I thought the hotel allowed dogs .. am I confused here someone help me out?

Hopefully you'll get out Thursday night .. we have quite a lot of fun planned that should not be missed!

Jen said...

You are right, they do allow dogs, but not left alone. And I can just imagine her barking her face off if we just walked out and left her alone in a strange place.

Not to worry, we are working on it though. I think we can get a "sitter". Geez, it is like having a kid!

I SOOOO want to get there in time for the par-tay, but it is all up to Paul's work schedule. I'm crossing my fingers!

New MrsIngram said...

Well Kelsey could watch the dog at night with the other kids, but she would be coming to the wedding too so I guess this doesn't really solve your dilema ....

I will cross my fingers for you too .. I would hate to see you miss such a good time, not to mention the look on April's face .. April are you reading this?

MelComeau said...

We don't have a credit card either, so we just go Jimmy's parents to book it for us on his card and we gave him the money for it...Well, haha, we didn't so much give the money back yet...We're going to eventually!