Saturday, July 01, 2006

Today has been a kinda weird day. It started out last night when I stayed up till sometime past 4am worring about Paul and wondering why he hadn't called yet. He went to Moncton for a 3 day bachelor party for his best friend. He said he would call me when he arrived because it was raining cats & dogs when he left and his best friend is one of those guys who likes to driver too fast, not use blinkers and tailgate. He's been in so many accindents, I can't even count. So needless to say I just wanted him to get there in one piece.

I tried to sleep in this morning but the guy next store was working out in his garage hammering, sawing & drilling. I NEVER get to sleep in around here!!!!!!! I have been yawning all day and it is really hitting me hard right now.

Paul finally called and left a message this afternoon while I was out with the dogs at the park. Daisy swam for the very first time out over her head! It was adorable. I have some pics I will add later.

Meanwhile, Paul told me they were up until 6am because the guy who plays Julian from the tv show Trailer Park Boys was staying at their hotel so they got to "hang" with him and his friends. He said that Julian had a limo and that he got lots of pics. Now, I don't know if that means they met and then all the boys went out drinking & clubbing, or if he means that they all went with this guy Julian's group out on the town. I guess I will have to wait until tomorrow to hear all the news. I will post some of his pics to (if they are decent enough...after all, it is a bachelor party we are talking about).

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