Thursday, July 20, 2006

We went to a beautiful wedding on the weekend.Congratulations Steve & Missy!! (that's their little son Bennett, aka Steve's Mini Me, in the middle). Steve looks like he is about to kill someone! Yea, being married can do that to a

It was at a lodge on the lake. The sunset was perfect.
Here is Paul and one of the bridesmaides, Shelley, who is also Missy's sister.
My man:
It was the hottest day of the year (not including today) and everyone was sweating bullets, especially since the lodge was standing room only. It started to downpour just as they were about to go out to get their photos done. Oh well. They still got beautiful shots inside the lodge. Thank god it rained though, cause it cooled everything off and cleared up later for a beautiful night.

We haven't got Paul's 35mm film developed yet, but here is one of the digital pics from the bachelor party with his friend Fran and the guy who plays Julien on the Trailer Park Boys TV show. That is "Julien's" car, some sort of special Saleen. Must be a guy thing.


Lesley said...

What a gorgeous wedding gown! I love seeing wedding pics -even if they're people I don't know-you can chalk that up to one of my weird personality traits -that and people watching too...
Can't believe it's almost time for Henry and April's wedding!
I finally found a dress to wear, I was almost going to have to wear my old blog pic. dress that everyone has seen a thousand times, although I only wore it that one day!

Jen said...

I think almost everyone loves to people watch. I know I do!