Sunday, December 11, 2005

Have you ever seen a hungover dog? Well, now you have.

Poor Daisy. Paul and I drowed our sorrows the other night with a big pan of Rice Krispy squares and eggnog with rum. I went to bed before him and when I called it a night we still had half of a big pan of squares left and Paul had a large glass of rum & eggnog (and we were mixing them mighty strong) on the coffee table. Well about 5:00 in the morning Daisy was looking out the window "singing"...sort of part bark, part howl, part whine. We told her to stop over and over but she kept it up, which is totally not like her at all. I got worried and got up to check on her and look out the window to see what was upsetting her but there was no one around. Eventually she fell asleep and when Paul got up to get a drink a few hours later he came back to bed laughing. He said he figured out why Daisy was so weird. Turns out he forgot to clear off the coffee table before he went to bed and Daisy finished off all the treats, rum & eggnog included.

It was actually probably a good thing that she drank the rum, otherwise she might have torn the house apart while we slept, all wired up on sugar. But the next day the poor girl couldn't even lift her head. She slept all day. Once she brought her ball over to us sitting on the couch to play with her but she was too tired after all and slid down the edge of the couch and fell asleep almost instantly. I wish I could include video clips because we were just doubled over laughing at her snoring!! My poor baby!


Betty said...

Hi Jen
This is Betty,(your half sister)Nice to be able to read your blog, like the rest of the family is Hope everyone there is doing fine.

Joe & 'Berta said...

Hi glad we found your blog. It's nice to keep in touch and the photos are a huge bonus. Say Hi to Paul and your Mom.

Jen, Paul & Daisy said...

Well hello guys!! It is so nice to hear from you all. I hope everything is going good. Are you all ready for Christmas? Do you guys happen to have your own blogs? I just mailed my Christmas cards yesterday, so I hope I have the right addresses for you guys. Betty, do you still live on the same street as Paul? Joe & Berta, I hope I have your most recent address. I wasn't sure about Lesley's and Heather's addresses so, if I remember correctly, I think I put their cards c/o your address. I hope that is OK.

Hope you all have a great Christmas! Keep in touch!


Joe & 'Berta said...

We haven't moved, unlike some people LOL!

Lesley has a blog at
She is doing a great job of reporting the family comings & goings.

You can be sure we will keep in touch!

Lesley said...

Did you read about how I came across your blog? It was such a coincidence, I clicked the next blog tab to get an idea or inspiration about what to write about that night and there you were. It really is a small world isn't it? Monica also has a blog, she posts lots of pictures of her girls, which is nice because they're growing up so fast! Cousin Steven in Cold Lake asked me to write you and say hello on his behalf because he doesn't have a blogger account and can't login. He said he wasn't sure if you'd know him so I'll add that he is David and Paula's son. Anyways, I'll be catching up to you!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jen

Its Heather...Im glad we can send you comments on your's such a great way to keep up with the comings-and-goings of the family since we are spread out across the country...faster than snail mail and we get pics to look at and laugh the hung over'm looking forward to the big trip this summer and hopefully we will be able to spend some time with all the family...

take care

Jen, Paul & Daisy said...

Hello guys, I can't wait to meet you. It is really great that we can stay in touch even though we are all over Canada.