Friday, December 09, 2005

Mom is blind.

Mom went ot the eye doctor today. She has been complaining that she thinks she needs a new perscription for her glasses for about the past year but getting her to go to the doctor is, well, lets just say REALLY hard. So I finally pestered her enough to give in and go but the news is really bad. She just got new glasses about two years ago and her eyes were fine then but I guess she has advanced cataracts. They told her surgery will help a bit and they are going to give her new glasses but she will still be legally blind. And the worst of it is that it is going to progress until she is eventually completely blind.

I have all these worries now, like where will she live? I wish we never had to sell our house. The place we are in now is not wheelchair accessable. I guess she will have to move into a nursing home at some point. Is there a waiting list for someting like that? And, I am really sad because by the time we have children I am sure she will not be able to see them. I know that sounds really selfish but if I were a grandmother, I would really be sad if I couldn't see my only grandchildren. Plus, what will she do if she won't be able to read or watch TV? How will she eat and get around in the wheelchair? I hope it doesn't get any worse very soon. I will get her to surgery if I have to book the appointment myself and kidnap her to take her there. I can't seem to stop crying. I have to work tonight and to make matters worse we are understaffed because it is the night of the office Christmas party and to top things off the roads are really bad and there are a ton of accidents. It is going to be a long night. I just hope that I can pull myself together long enough to do my job. I am crying now just thinking about Mom. She has had such a hard life. She really doesn't do much but read, watch TV and go out shopping once in awhile. This is so sad. It sucks to get old.

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