Thursday, December 15, 2005

Well, the world seems like such a smaller place all of a sudden! Now that I have been keeping up on all the family news with everyone's blogs, I feel like part of the family. It is kinda odd though, since I haven't actually met everyone yet. Hopefully that will change next summer. And Hi to Steven. I have changed my settings on my blog so I think you will be able to add comments now even if you are not a blog member. Are you planning to visit New Brunswick next summer to?

Well Joe, I'm really glad the surgery went OK. And I saw that you got two for the price of one, so that really worked out good! LOL.

One thing I noticed about the family blogs is that everyone seems to enjoy cooking (or at least attempting) and that Leslie and Monica seem to be really good at multi-tasking. I guess some things must run in the family. Now when can we get the rest of the family on a blog? Especially Henry with the kids...we are missing out on some great pictures! And you are on the computer all day! You have no good excuse.

I have been wondering if anyone in the family has old photos of Dad that they could post? We only have a handful of old ones and none when he was really young. To be honest, we don't have all that many, even from the last few years. Seems like anytime there was a camera around, Dad was on the other end. He loved to take pictures! I'd love to see a picture of Brenda and David and their families, as I have never met them. I know everyone is really busy this time of year with Christmas and all, so no rush. I just thought I would plant a seed just in case anyone happens to be going through photo albums and would like to drop me a line. I was wondering if all the "kids" (Paul, David, Henry, Joe, Anne, Betty, & Brenda) ever had a family photo taken with them all together at once when they young? I know there is good age difference between Paul and Henry so if Henry was young, Paul must have been....well...older. But you know what I mean.

I know when people tend to enjoy cooking they ususally have a 'specialty'. You know, something that they make often that everyone loves and they are always asking them to make? Well, I'd love to know some favorite family recipes! Anyone want to share their secrets? I've got a ton of Christmas gatherings to attend this year and I am I bored of the same old, same old. I need some new ideas. I especially like sweets, spicy food and international dishes (although my ulcer sometimes doesn't agree). Joe, you must have learned some tricks of the trade in all your travels? I 'll try almost anything once, as long as it doesn't involve tentacles of any kind. Sorry, but that is where I have to draw the line!

I went to Sobeys last night to get my groceries and they only had one cashier open. Can you imagine...a week before Christmas! And guess what? He was new and SOOO S-L-O-W I thought I was going to die! I bought a Coke from the vending machine because I felt like I was going to pass out and the darn thing exploded all over me when I opened it. There was only one person in front of me when I got into line and it took me over 45 min to check out! The guy behind me started eating chocolate bars off the rack he was so frustrated. I went to the manager to complain after I was done. Did they really expect to only have two customers an hour? I've never in my entire life seen someone who moved so slowly. It is the closest store to my house, but I think next time I will go somewhere else. Is it just me, or is that amount of time just unreasonable? Maybe I was just in a mood.

It was so cold last night the wind just went right through me. It was really making my eye hurt. And, yes, for anyone who has seen me lately, I mean the one with pink eye. With all the running around lately my immune system has crashed. I have an ear infection, a sinus infection and just to make me look great in time for the holidays (drum roll), pink eye. I've got to say, I look wonderful....NOT! Ha Ha. What can I do? It is just a waiting game now. Hopefully it will get better soon so I don't give anyone an unwanted Christmas gift.

Merry Christmas everyone.


Lesley said...

Alright I've gone through some pictures that I scanned from Nannie MacAulay last winter when she came to visit and I found one picture with three men whom Dad could probably ID for us and one of Nannie and the kids a verrrrry long time ago and a cute picture of H, Me, Monica and Mikey....I guess I should start calling him Mike now...Sorry Mike... I love to cook and I'm hosting a 12-person cookie exchange tonight. It'll either be a blast or it'll suck and we won't ever mention it again! I think I inherited the cooking gene from Dad and crafty gene from Mom! I know what you mean about the same old dishes! Tonight it's the same: spinach dip, surprise dip, babaganouj,pasadena pinwheels, marinated mushrooms, pickles, meat, cheese and some sex in a pan. You need some sweet to offset the salt, creamcheesy everything else. Will try to post the pics on my blog!

Jen, Paul & Daisy said...

I guess everyone likes Sex in a Pan. I make it every Christmas. Mmmmmm..... I hope your cookie exchange goes well. I used to have the best recipe for this sweet squash dish that had bread crumbs on the top. It was my all time favorite but I lost it. I've searched my many (at least 100) cookbooks and searched online but can't find the same recipe. I've found some similar but not the same. This was light and fluffy and had cream cheese or sour cream in it. I can't belive I lost it!!You don't happen to have any recipes like that do you? Christmas is just not the same without it.

Anonymous said...

Well hello there aunt Jennifer. This is steven. And to answer your question not only is there no picture of all the brothers and sisters together but it has never happened that they have all been together in the same place EVER. By the time Uncle Henry was born Uncle Joe had joined the military thus they have never all been together at one time. As for coming down this summer we are unsure about that yet. Dad is overseas on a 6 month tour and he will be back in June so until then we are not sure what is going to happen but I hope we can make it down there. Anyway it is good to speak to you and everyone up here says hi as well.

Jen, Paul & Daisy said...

I can't believe they have never all been together at once! I guess that is what happens when everyone is scattered all over the world. Steven, do you have a family pic of just your family all together (mom, dad, you, etc)? I'd love to see it as I have never met you or David. And if anyone has one of Brenda and her family I'd love to see it as I've never met her either.