Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Here is a trip down memory lane, set in the 1990's. I was starting a post of bad hair pics over the years, but it just got too cruel, so this is what I did instead.
Paul and me (with wet hair).
Paul and I before high school prom.

I should make you guess......oh, OK, you got it.....Henry. :)

And another one of me, this one for yearbook.


Lesley said...

I can't believe you've been with Paul since high school! That's pretty impressive Jen! I'll have to dig out my grad pic, it's got the big perm too! I think I've gone through more colours than styles.

New MrsIngram said...

Wow I really can't believe how much of you I can see in Michaela .. come on now guys is it just me?

Jen said...

No, Monica it is not just you. I noticed the resemblance a bit myself. But I showed Paul some pics of me when I was about the same age and he said he didn't see it.

So maybe there is a bit and I am not just crazy after all. Or maybe I am crazy...but that is a WHOLE other

I really notice the resemblance with Henry & Dad. Mostly in the way he talks and his gestures more than anything. But in the eyes to. Even in the laugh. Freaky!

I wonder how Henry picked up Dad's gestures when he didn't grow up with Dad in the house, but I think it could be that antoher brother picked up his habits and Henry picked them up from him. Or maybe our personalities are really more genetic, rather than a product of our surroundings, like we usually think.