Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Ok, first I have to say thank you. Thanks to Jen for the magazine subscriptions!! I love to go to the mail box now, instead of just being sad about all the bills.

And, thanks to Les for mailing out the family pics. Was really happy to get those to. It is so weird that there are all these pics with Dad in them, telling the story of his life, just floating around out there, that I have never seen. He rarely talked about his life (or anything besides work for that matter), so seeing new pics really makes me happy.

Thanks to everyone who participated in my little quiz. If you haven't already responded, feel free to add to it. Some very interesting results...

Like, getting to know that Monica is another list girl. I have the same affliction. My daytimer always has at least 2 lists on the go at all times. One for things to do, the other for things to buy. Plus we have a grocery list on the fridge. I make extra lists for projects, like house renovations. And every day before my 2 days off each week, I sit down and do a list of stuff to get done within those 2 days. Like yesterday I had to go to Sobey's, get car registration renewed, go to BMO, go to Scotiabank, do a return at Winners, exchange my vaccuum at WalMart (which smelled like burning rubber every time I used it), go to Mom's old apartment to water her plants, do laundry, call the cable guy, go to the bookstore (ode to Allison & Jen), workout, make a cake, etc. etc. Well, it was a busy day, so the workout got dropped from the list. Oh well. But, hey the cake turned out really good. Too good. On second thought, maybe I should have worked out after all. It didn't look like much, but it is super moist. It was pumpkin raisin cake.

So, good to see I am not the only list girl. Good to know I am not on the brink of OCD (sorry Mom), or something like that. I just like to be organized and if I have a ton of stuff to do then it makes it that much easier. I mean, who wants to have to go back to the same store again for the second time in the same day just because you forgot something? Not me, thank you very much. I've got better things to do with my

Monica's comments also got me thinking a little more about this mid life crisis I've been having lately. I used to love accounting. I took it in high school and I took an extra course of it in college. I've worked at jobs,like when I worked in the finance dept. in city hall where I've had to do up checks, invoices, etc. and I've worked where I've been responsible for applying for government grants, budgeting, accounts payable/receivable, taxes, payroll etc. and really enjoyed it. I've been wondering what to do with the rest of my life. Maybe I should look into going back to school to take accounting. I mean, I actually considered it when I was in high school planning my career.Better later than never, right? Well, at least something to think about....thanks Monica!

Also, I really wanted to get into working on my writing this year and trying to read all I can to improve. I really appreciate the Writers Magazine subscription, Jen H. So, that has really cheered me up today to!

What a great day. I think I can now see a bit of the light at the end of the

I've got so much I want to say today, but don't want to bore everyone too much. Funny how some days I sit staring at the screen trying to figure out what to blog about and other days I've got tons to say, so I've got to cut it short.

I'll go shut up now. :)


New MrsIngram said...

As busy as you were you didn't really drop the work out .. you did all kinds of walking and that counts!

You can always start taking classes at night at a local University like I do. I love learning, even though it is hard to fit into the schedule sometimes. I find it keeps me thinking all the time and I'm convinced that when I stop using my brain it goes to mush .. it seems to require exercise on a regular basis, sort of like my butt .. requiring exercise that is not the mushy part!

Lesley said...

You must be related! Look at how much you had to say, I have to admit I do cut my writing down to a minimum otherwise it would be a novel each time.
Could idea about Henry having a gift theme like patio stuff!
How come we never see pictures of Paul?

Jen said...

Paul doesn't like his picture posted online. He's kinda bashful, I guess.

Brenda said...

Jen, I need your address, Mom found an old picture of your grandma MacAulay, so today we got a copy made and would like to sent it to you. Something else in the mail beside bills.

Jen, Paul & Daisy said...

Thank you Brenda! I added my address as a comment on your recent post on your blog.

Thanks again!