Saturday, December 30, 2006

I was looking for a Cuisinart when I bought my food processor, but they are hard to find around here. I know RR's food processor is the ugliest thing I've ever seen but I bought it anyway because it had 700 watts, so I thought it would get the job done. Yea, it turned potatoes, carrots, onions to LIQUID, on just one pulse with a "big chopping" blade. It is going right back to the store today. I don't care how bad the lineup is.

And I am still not out of the woods with the cut finger yet. It keeps opening up & bleeding (I just had to wipe blood off my keyboard) right through the bandages. Plus, when I try to put my finger straight out it hurts like hell. Might have cut a tendon or something...never excelled at Biology so not really sure (wiping off more blood here).

Anyway better go and buy more bandages as it looks like I am going to need them. But, on a positive note, who knew I could type with only 9 fingers? Hey, I've learned a new skill! Thanks RR!
PS. She doesn't even use her own food processor on the show! This pic is from her website. Her's is blue, orange & silver (and the cup sits at an angle). The one below is white (and the cup sits up straight).

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