Thursday, December 21, 2006

My very first "Thursday Thirteen" post:

Thirteen Things I Will and Will Not Cheap Out On:
1. Toilet Paper - I agree with Lesley, single ply is down right nasty.
2. Books - If I really want it, I must have it no matter what the cost. Hey, I'm not rich here, but I'll admit I have spent a pretty penny on some books when they were new releases because I wanted to read them right away. I am getting too old and no longer have the patience to wait until a book gets in stock at the library, then there is the uptown parking to deal with, plus time limits, then you gotta give it back, even if you really liked it. Not for me.Plus, a lot of the stuff I read will never be at the library.
3. Clothes - What can I say? I am a cheapski. I buy stuff when it goes on sale. It is very, very rare that I pay full price for anything.
4. Jewelery - Why buy the real deal when you can have a knock off & no one can tell the difference? Plus, if you lose it, no harm done. My only exception to that is sentimentel things, like my engagement and wedding rings which I wear every day so it has got to be the real deal.
5. Perfume - If I like it, I don't care how much it costs, or doesn't cost. That said, I have never found a really expensive one that I like yet, so that still goes in the cheapie catagory for me.
6. Make-up - I buy what I like over and over again. I don't care about the price tag. I don't wear it enough to worry about that because it lasts forever. I am not looking to save money. I just want what I know and like.
7. Skin care - Same thing, but the stuff I buy isn't really all that expensive. Still, I get what I like and don't look at the tag.
8. Memories - Trips, events, concerts, family gatherings, pictures....all of that stuff goes in the "I don't care how much it costs as long as I have enough cash to pay for it, let's do it" catagory.Mind you, I do try to save money where I can. But if it comes down to going to a concert and there are two seats left, one too far away to see at all and one right up front, if I have enough cash to pay for the ones up front, I'm buying them. Hey, you only live once!
9.Soda - No Pepsi for me, thanks. I don't care if it is 10 cents a liter. Gross. I got to have what I like, not that I drink all that much pop.
10. Household Scented Products (ie. candels, room sprays, etc.) - If I like it I must have it.
11. White Paint - I don't even want to count how many gallons of white paint I have used in the last 3 years. Gotta love the Fixer Uppers! It is all the same, so I try to find the cheapest I can.
12. Spray Butter (like Pam) - It is all the same.
13. Dog Toys - She's only going to wreck them eventually, so might as well save a buck or two.


Alberta said...

I agree on your comments about concerts...I don't go to all that come to town but I always try and see the artists who DON'T tour every year. Some memorable ones we've seen are Joe Cocker, Fleetwood Mac, Tina Turner,Moody Blues,Elton John and Cummings Bachman. We will be adding Eric Clapton in the new year!

Lesley said...

That was some good thinking! I totally agree about the memories, we spare no expense to have them. Although we do save up throughout the year and plan them. For Christmas, Aaron's parents and Grandma gave us cash so we're going to use it for a theme room at the West Edmonton Mall and a day at the Waterpark with the boys. Eek, swimsuit....must bikini wax...