Sunday, December 24, 2006

We went to the annual Christmas Eve gift exchange/turkey dinner at Paul's sisters house tonight.As always, I was in charge of the potatoes and made my special whipped sour cream & chives and cheddar & onion ones, plus some au natural ones for the traditionalists in the family.

Tomorrow is turkey day and I get to peel more potatoes (groan) but hey, I enjoy eating them to. It was a full house but we didn't take all that many photos. Shelley took a bunch with her camera and she said she would e-mail them to me once she finds the time. I am still waiting to get ones at work from the Exxon Christmas party. I will post a couple of those once I get them.

Here is Brandon (Santa) & Jarrod, Paul's newphews, holding a picture of their dog Taffy that has gone to doggie heaven.

Brandon with his Nanny, Paul's mom Gloria.

Daisy got a dog cookie for Christmas. Here she is hiding under the coffee table with it so Mommy won't eat it on her, cause you know dog bones are my favorite...
Daisy with Daddy eating her bone. Daisy helping Mommy wrap gifts in the spare bedroom (and yes, I know, I haven't finished the paiting in this room yet).

Daisy trying to see what Santa brought her.

Me with my early Christmas gifts, earrings! Taa daa. Daisy looking at my bear that came with my earrings. It plays music and Daisy just loves it.

Mom is coming over tomorrow for turkey dinner. I will take some more pics and post again soon.
Merry Christmas Everyone, and a Happy New Year!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas to you all and thank you for the card and picture. TELL your mom merry christmas and thanks for the cards from us. HAPPY HOLIDAYS. CHERYL & PAUL