Saturday, February 18, 2006

Does anyone have any pics of Nan MacAulay (my Dad's mom) when she was younger? I have only ever seen her as a senior. Or, any pics of Dad's dad? I have a photocopy of one with him in uniform, but that it is.

I'd also love to see any childhood pics of Joe, Henry, Paul, David, Betty, Brenda & Ann. Oh hell, I love to look at family pictures, regardless of who it is. Who am I kidding?

Which reminds me, I noticed a link to a blog Life in the Middle of Nowhere. Is that a blog for Steven, David's son? Or is it another Steve?


Lesley said...

That's my girlfriend Tina's blog and her boyfriend Steve and four girls.
I still have some childhood pics of Dad and siblings to crop and post from the ones I scanned from Mom & Dad's photos.
I enjoy the pics too!

Anonymous said...

Jennifer this is steven what is your email adress? I will send you a few photos of us and a few of the family that we have that no one else seems to have

Anonymous said...

(P.S) This is your nephew steven

Jen said...

Ha ha...thanks for the PS ...but I kinda figured that one out all on my own.

That would be wonderful, if you could send me some pics! Love to see them! E-mail me anytime at