Monday, February 13, 2006

I got Mom moved. We started before the storm hit and finished with the visibility almost zero. She is in there now and seems to be in a good mood today (self medicated I am sure). I have to go out and buy her a stool to get up on the bed, it is too high, even for me. She's never slept in a queen size bed before, so she thought that was a little weird.

I woke up today to see, not just a mess outside, but a mess inside as well. I had brought a little box back to the house with me that Mom didn't use, cause I have to organize my spare bedroom and it was a nice size to fit on the closet shelf. Well as I slept apparently Daisy got bored waiting for me to play with her and made her own fun. She found that box in the hall and thought I brought it home just for her. She tore it to shreds, got out a bunch of her toys and bones, and then tore the stuffing out of her Wuzzle. What a mess, but I couldn't be mad at her. She didn't hurt anything of mine, besides the box, and she didn't wake me up so all I could do was laugh, take a pic to share and clean it up.

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