Saturday, February 11, 2006

I have been watching the weather and we are supposed to get a snow storm tomorrow, which is moving day for Mom (unless they change their minds again). Lots of fun.

I noticed some new templates as I checked out everyone's blogs and they looked so nice that I decided to give mine a face lift as well. Still pink, but just a bit different. I didn't like the little dog counter so I was glad to change that...even if it took me four tries...because it reminded me of the old video games, like Pac Man. Not that they weren't fun and all, but it looked so old. I am very happy with the new one, nice and simple.

I've been doing the Slim Fast shakes for breakfast and lunch, then supper and fruit or something light for a snack but the weight is coming off so slowly! I think I am going to attempt the low carb diet again. Maybe this time I will be able to stick with it. I am also going to get back into doing weights. It really seems to boost my metabolism and firms things up in the right places.

Hi Jennie! Are you enjoying the blog? Happy Birthday!!


Lesley said...

Look at you go girl, new template, links even, I'm impressed!
Jen & Paul couples are popular, I also know a Jen & Paul here in Calgary.

Jen said...

Funny, my best friend's name is Jennie and her husband is Paul. They used to live in Saint John and it has led to some pretty confusing conversations!

Hope your little guy is OK and doesn't have pink eye after all. It is one of those things that is so easy to pass on when you are a kid because you put your hands on your eyes (cause they are so darn itchy) and then touch a door knob, etc., and presto, someone else has it, and so on.

The trip you are planning next year looks like fun, but for the money, I'd be parking my butt on a hot, sandy beach somewhere. Or touring Europe...ah..Paris...the possibilites are endless...

Gotta go buy a lotto ticket.