Wednesday, February 08, 2006

I am trying to plan my vacation time around Henry's wedding so I get to go to the wedding plus maybe get a little visiting time in as well. Problem is that it is our busy time at work, so it could be hard.

What I am wondering is what kind of plans everyone has around that time. I think Les you said you and the gang were flying into Halifax on the morning of Aug 8th and leaving the evening of Aug 16th. Is that correct and, if so, what are your plans? Are you planning to spend a few nights in Halifax when you arrive, or are you going straight to Newcastle? Maybe you haven't planned that far ahead yet. I can only get a couple of days off (if I am lucky) so I want to make sure I get to visit with everyone. Are your parents and Heather travelling with you?

Monica, are you and the family just going to Newcastle the day of the wedding, or are you planning to go up a few days ahead? Is Amy planning to travel with you?

Also, does anyone have any suggestions for a cheap place to stay in Newcastle? Maybe one that allows pets, cause I have no idea what we are going to do with Daisy at this point. We may be able to find a sitter for her ---Shelley, you may be getting a phone call :).

I've got to pick my vacation time for the year this week, so any info would be appreciated.


Anne said...

Derek and I are going to Miramichi a few days before the wedding. Monica and her family are also going to Miramichi a few days before the wedding. We will be arriving on the Wednesday evening before the wedding and staying until Sunday evening. That should give us plenty of time to visit with everyone. We, and Monica are staying at the Wharf Inn in Newcastle. The regular cost for the motel is $99 per night. However, we have book a block of rooms because of the wedding and if we are able to get 10 rooms book, we get them for $75 per night, plus tax of course. That is a really good deal. Hope this info helps. If you want to book a room at the Wharf Inn you just have to call and tell them that there is a block of rooms booked for the MacAulay Long wedding.

Jen said...

Here is a question for Berta and Joe,

Are you bringing Cody and Chow with you? Do they like other dogs?

I found a place that allows pets (if the Wharf Inn doesn't..I still have to call them) so we should be good to go.

Lesley said...

We haven't really planned that far (I'm shocked as well, ha ha). I think those were the right dates. Aaron and I are just planning out what our holiday will look like now, he made me get books from the library so he can 'get a feel' for what it's like down there. I think we're probably going to head to the Miramichi when everyone else is there and we haven't really planned on where we're staying, Mom and Dad have the trailer so we probably won't be too far from'll be the only familiar place for them...I guess we'll have to start making a plan

New MrsIngram said...

Mom got my dates right I'm heading down the Wednesday after work with my clan. We got a hotel room just to be able to hide every now and then ... not to mention JJ is just getting home mid July I'm not sure he'd appreciate me making him sleep in a tent out on Uncle Pauls lawn after having to sleep in a rack on the ship for six months!

Jen said...

Yea, I have thought about tenting to but the idea of having to look good after sleeping in a tent just doesn't work for me. Usually when we go camping I don't have to worry about make-up, wrinkle free clothes, etc.

I guess I really wouldn't have been giving it much thought either right now if it weren't for having to pick my vacation dates at work.

Joe & 'Berta said...

Jen, as far as I know we are bringing our faithful companion Cody with us. She's getting old and doesn't do very well in unfamiliar surroundings. At least with us near by she'll be OK. Our dear neighbour is Chow sitting and minding the house and garden for us...Gee, I wonder why she put in a special request for lots of veggies????

Heather and Jeff (and baby Jonathan) said...

Well, me and Jeff are going to sleep where we fall down...or at least thats the plan right now...I will be bringing my sleepy mask and Jeff will be bringing his ear plugs (he is a very light sleeper and is cranky the next day if he doesnt get enough good sleep) and going from there