Friday, February 24, 2006

OK, here is a fun experiment to entertain us all (can you tell I am bored?). I thought I would post some questions and family/friends can log on and add a comment to give us their answers. This way we can all get to know each other better and maybe have a few laughs at the same time.

1-What is something that you do in your spare time or are good at, that not many people know about (gotta be honest..haha)?

2-If you were stranded on an island and could only have 2 music CDs and 2 books, what would you bring?

3-When you were little what did you want to be when you grew up? When you were a teenager what did you hope to be when you grew up?

4-What is a habit you have (good, bad, or just weird) that you normally don't like people to know about?

5- If there was one place in the world you could visit, where would that be?

6- What is your favorite sport to watch? Favorite to play?

7- What are some of your favorite TV shows?


Jen said...

To get things started, here are my answers:

1.I like to write..but can't say I am necessarily good at it.
2.Sarah Mclaughlan and Rankins CDs to remember the feel of the east coast,and The Complete Works of William Shakespear cause it would give me tons of reading material, and I would hope the other one would be Camping for Dummies (if it exists) so I might actually survive on this island until someone found me.
3.Fashion Designer--Phychiatrist
4.Oh,just one? I like to stack alike plates together in the cupboards. It drives me crazy when they are all mixed up(poor Paul).
6.Gymnastics to watch--Tennis to play (does running count as a sport?)
7.Freddie & Hot Properties (sitcoms),Lost & Desperate Housewives (dramas),The Block & Americas Next Top Model(reality)& Ellen (talkshow). (I know, I know...I watch way too much TV.) I wish they would bring back So You Think You Can Dance. Rosewell was one of my favorites but is long gone.

Brenda said...

Tried this once already and I dont think it took so you may get this twice.
1)On a good day when my sinuses are not acting up I can actually sing.
2)Pat Benatar & Belinda Carlile
War and Peace and the Bible. Long pages and soft paper. you know why
3)who grew up
4)I hate knicknacks and when I get them I sell them at yardsales
5)Disney land
6)What's a sport?
7)Mon 24, Tue NCIS, Wed Lost, Thur
Survivor\CSI, Fri Numbers, Sat nothing, Sun Desperate housewives.

Joe & 'Berta said...

Yikes...I thought you wanted to change font colours?????!

I'll have to think about those other questions, but you should be able to change to font when you are drafting your post...there is a little toolbar just above the post window...

Have a great weekend!

Lesley said...

1. I can memorize phone numbers... yeah I'm a geek! I can remember all of the phone numbers I've had since living in Ralston. (I was only 4 when we left Kingston so that's the only one I'm missing)
2. One Hit Wonders and Much 80s! Why not go retro with some tunes to sing along to? The DaVinci Code and probably some Iris Johansen mystery book.
3. I really thought I wanted to be a hooker until I realized what that meant, I always thought they were so glamorous! As a teen I just thought I'd get married and have babies, that's not too far off from the truth...
4. I can't stand massages, facials, etc...where strangers touch you but I don't mind waxing, I can get naked for a stranger for that...even 9 months pregnant...not that secret enough for you Jen? Although most of my family know how much I advocate it, right H?
5. I'm not sure...probably somewhere exotic.
6. Cheerleading competitions!
7. I hardly ever watch TV but do try to catch ER, Cold Case and Nip/Tuck.

I hope everyone else fills this out too!

Jen said...

Oooh, it has been so long since I've seen cheerleading that I forgot all about it, but I really do love to watch it when I can find it on TV.

I've got some awsome cheer tunes on my workout CD's.

Love all the answers guys...thanks for having fun with me!

sara said...

1- play guitar
2-Pink Floyd the Wall & the Cure (I am surprised you didn't say the Cure Jen)Books--I guess I would say blank journals to write my thoughts
3-doctor, then rock star
4-chew my nails
5-New York
6-watch skiing, play?...I don't
7-Numbers, CSI, SVU, etc. and I miss Roswell to

New MrsIngram said...

Ok let's see if I can get through all the questions .. really a good idea though!

1 - Spare time .. who in the world has spare time? Ok I guess sometimes at work, while I'm eating my lunch I read these blogs, but that is all the spare time I have, and even then, I should be letting my food settle.

2 - Hmm 2 cd's. I like Macy Gray and maybe even the Cranberries .. I know both very different, but I like them. As for books, I am more of a smutmag kinda girl, even though while I was having baby fever (before Joeye clearly) I read a book called Babyville .. it was pretty good.

3 - When I was little I wanted to be an accountant, tada voila here I am. When I was a teen I wanted to be rich, but just instantly rich and well that didn't work out.

4 - Habits, hmm, I have an obsession with making lists. Lists of things to do, lists of things to buy, lists of things to think about once I have the time .. I'm so busy making lists it takes up all my time!

5 - Where would I visit .. I would like to return to South Africa to visit my dad and take my girls this time so they could share the experience .. or .. I would like to visit wherever JJ's boat is right now, even in the middle of the water if need be.

6 - I don't do sports really, well except for maybe half time during the superbowl, but honestly I'm just waiting for another wardrobe malfunction.

7 - Amy and I are big reality tv fans. We watch the Bachelor and then give catty comments for every girl that comes on. I know we're a little weird. I also love ER and Grey's Anatomy .. hey wait maybe deep down inside I want to be in the medical field?

Anonymous said...

Is it alright to answer for someone else like maybe someone who is overseas for 6 months? You know tell some of his secrets, not embarrassing ones though. Dave's wife,Paula

Jen said...

Hi Paula, yes that would be fun. You should answer for yourself and do a second one to answer for David. That way we can get to know both of you a bit better.

Glad to see you reading the blogs. Hope we get the chance to meet this summer.


Anonymous said...

These are Dave's answers from his family's perspective.
1. watch tv and watch tv... Murder on the M..?(how do you spell that) & Reader's Digest
cds Rod Stewart the older stuff and (the boys think) Guns n' Roses
3. cook we think but are not sure if anyone knows different we would like to know about it
4.bites his nails, drops his laundry on the floor right where you are trying to walk!
5 Beaverbrook! for sure :D
6. fishing his favorite
7.real life crime investigation and real life cop shows and National Geographic specials plus the news.
Hopefully when he gets home we will get him to check this out and make any necessary corrections.

Jen said...

Drop his laundry on the floor? Yea, I think most men have the same