Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Does anyone know of any good jobs around Saint John? Anything? I've checked the all the job banks and nothing stands out. I am kinda screwed because even though I grew up in Saint John and graduated with a 96% average from college, I can't find a good job in my field in my own city just because I don't speak French. All the government jobs require you to speak fluent French. Anytime I see a posting for an Executive Assistant, Office Manager, or Event Co-ordinator they are all for French speaking people only. Or they are term positions and I can't do anymore terms. I've had enough.

Today was a really bad day at work, that is all I am going to say about that, besides that I am really disappointed with my job right now.

I guess I thought this place would be more than just another call center. That it was a more traditional, old school type of place, where if I worked my ass off someone would notice and maybe, eventually, I could work my way up.

I worked while others played video games, read books, gabbed on the phone or to each other. I worked hard and stayed until it was done. I did extra, took extra care and did it faster than expected. I took initiative and created projects in my down time to benefit the office. All for nothing.

I can't say I am proud of many things in my life. I mean, I can't say I am proud of my kids, because I don't have any yet. I can't say I am proud of my nice home, cause it is a junker. I can't say I am proud of my education, because I didn't graduate from University...I don't have a degree. But one thing I can say I am proud of at the end of the day when I lay in bed at night, is that I worked hard and gave it my all. I am a very loyal person and I like to be loyal to my company, but companies these days do not care. I am just another number. Another number in another call center, just like the last. It really SUCKS!!

So, if anyone hears through the grapevine that any good jobs are around, could you maybe give me the heads up? Thanks a bunch!


Heather and Jeff (and baby Jonathan) said...

there is always ALBERTA...hint hint...lots of jobs out here...I am having a very hard time finding good people who want to work in Okotoks and Calgary for that matter...and you do have family out here now...;)


Joe & 'Berta said...

Hey now...Jen should come a little further north!!!!

Lesley said...

Can you feel the love? We haven't even met you and already want you to come out west. Can't say that I know of any jobs in Saint John but I do know that Aaron's company is always hiring ( not just the embalmers, funeral directors but office staff and boy, have those girls got it made!)

Jen said...

Thank guys! I can feel the love!

You know, funny you should mention that Les, I have been toying with the idea of starting my own business for quite awhile now and I have always had a way with people when they are upset...maybe Brennan's Funeral Home needs some competition around here!

Although, I know for sure I couldn't handle anything to do with the embalming. We will see....

Blog U Say!!! said...

Hey Jen,

To be honest there is nothing like the satisfaction of running your own company and working for yourself. But at the same time (trust me on this one)it is a total lifestyle change. Your work days go from 8 hours a day to 12-20 hours a day. Then if you are doing good and have to hire and fire people that gets hard. To date I only had to let two people go, but it still wasn't easy. I am getting better at it though. ANd the good parts of owning your own company, is that when your doing really good you can pay yourself nicely :~D and have little bonuses and stuff. (April is gonna cut me off of my bonuses soon. She thinks I get way to many for the amount of work I actually do.

And you are right with the Bi-lingual thing but it is a bi-lingual Province. My day office is doing interviews this week for a 1 year team position(maternity) that pays about 33K a year. But where we have members in Tracadie, Caraquet, Bathurst and Edmonston to deal with, French is a necessity.

It sucks but that's NB for ya.


Jen said...

I know what you mean Henry. I did own a small home based seamstress business for awhile many, many years ago and had one employee. I worked day and night, sometimes until 5 am to get things done on two hours sleep. Our house was a wreck, taken over by sewing machines, fabric, dress forms, serger etc. I had no life, and because of the type of business, even though I was really busy I didn't really make all that much money. So, I called it quits one day. It was either that or take a visit to a white room with padded walls.

It was a sin really, because I used to love to sew and now I can't even stand to sew on a button. Although, one of the contracts we had was to make about fifty clown costumes for the Santa Clause Parade for the city. It is kinda fun when I see them sometimes in the parades.

Yes, I really wish I had taken French Immersion in school. I would probably be sitting pretty in a government job right now. Before my current job I had an interview and passed the written part & reading part of the french testing, but not the oral part. Oh well. I had planned to go to college in May to take French but since the whole work thing isn't really working out right now, I doubt that will happen.

Life ain't all that fun for me right now. It can be depressing.